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Foxes' The Kick: What You Need To Know
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Foxes' The Kick: What You Need To Know

Six years on from All I Need, her second album and the follow-up to her Grammy-winning debut Glorious, Southampton-born singer-songwriter Louisa Rose Allen – better known simply as Foxes – unleashed her third album The Kick digitally in February this year, but its arrival came alongside the announcement that the album’s physical release on other formats like CD and vinyl were set to be delayed by two months.

Now, exactly two months to the day as promised, Foxes’ third full-length offering makes its arrival in physical form, with the album landing on our shelves this Friday (April 22). Here’s everything you need to know – if you didn’t already – about her new LP The Kick


A little background…

Foxes began working on material during the first lockdowns and by March 2021 revealed that she would not only be releasing an EP, Friends in the Corner, but had also written a body of new tunes which had their own “unique energy” and that fans could expect to hear more soon.

The first of the album’s singles, ‘Sister Ray’, emerged in September last year, with another single ‘Dance Magic’ emerging a month later alongside the announcement of the album’s title.


Who’s producing it?

James Greenwood is listed as the new album’s main producer, although there is also some input from Alex Metric, Boxed In, Roosevelt and Cheap Cuts.


Any special guests?

Not in terms of performers, no, it’s just Foxes here.


What does it sound like?

Whereas the first two albums have often alternated between dancefloor-driven pop and big ballad showstoppers, on The Kick Foxes is leaning fully into a kind of slick, 80s-inspired kind of pop which feels much more consistent across the album as a whole.

Some of the highlights of this include tracks like ‘Growing on Me’ and ‘Sky Love’, both of which pulse with irresistible energy, while on the flipside of the same coin there are songs like ‘Body Suit’, on which Foxes lets the saxophones fly in the midst of a gloriously smooth slow jam that conjures the likes of Sade and ‘Sexual Healing’-era Marvin Gaye.


Does it deliver?

If you’ve been loving what Foxes has been doing so far then The Kick will only cement that love further. All the elements that have made the first two albums so enjoyable are still present and correct, but there’s a new level of cohesion across the album as a whole that was perhaps missing on the earlier records. In short, Foxes is really hitting her stride here and long may it continue.



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