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Ghostpoet speaks about the making of his new album Dark Days and Canapes
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Ghostpoet speaks about the making of his new album Dark Days and Canapes

After wowing critics once again with his dark 2015 effort Shedding Skin, Obaro Ejimiwe, better known to us all as Ghostpoet, is back once again with another complex, powerful collection, this time titled Dark Days and Canapes.

We spoke to him about making the record and why the inequalities in society are all over this album…


How did you want Dark Days and Canapes to move on from what you’ve done in the past?

“I don’t really think in those terms when making a record. I just look to create something new. Something that represents where I am at the time and something that challenges me. I want my sound to develop and move on and just keep pushing myself.”


What’s at the forefront of your mind when you start work on a new album?

“This is my fourth album so I understand the process pretty well. I’m always looking to capture the zeitgeist and make sure I come out with an album that’s cohesive. This album is a reflection of the last couple of years."


You did the album with Leo Abrahams, why did you decide to work with him?

“I didn’t know him at all. Once I said I wanted to make a new album I looked into a few names and had a few chats, I met Leo, we really got on and tried stuff out. We clicked really quickly and he got the direction I wanted. He understood the world I was trying to create and he made it a really enjoyable process. He really got me.”


Does the album have a lyrical theme? Or are the songs quite separate?

“I think there’s a common feeling, the songs are trying to capture an unease that’s in the air, it’s a palpable feeling, whether it’s unease about the future about how we are, unease about migration, unease about global warming, I wanted it to be a reflection of these things and the emotions that come with them. I don’t do concept records, I don’t consider it a political record, it’s what I’ve always done, social commentary and trying to find out what it is to be human.”


How are lyrics for you? Are you always writing or do you need to work to a melody?

“The latter. That’s always how it is. I tend to work towards something.”


Where did the album title come from?

“I’ve had it written down for a while. It came to me one day, I knew it’d be useful for something, I thought it might be a song, or a springboard for a song, neither of those things happened, but I kept it. I think it’s a reflection of dark times. It’s a certain percentage of people living a life of abundance, and the rest living with not much at all. That’s the way the world is now, which is a shame. That’s where the canapes bit comes in. It’s been taken in a few different ways, which I like.”


How’s your live set coming together for the tour in the autumn?

“It’ll be quite focused on the new record, with a sprinkling of what I’ve done previously. Hopefully, it’ll be a good show, that’s always what I try to do.”


Ghostpoet’s new album Dark Days and Canapes is out now and available to purchase here in hmv’s online store.

Dark Days + Canapes
Dark Days + Canapes Ghostpoet

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