Five Things We Learned - July 1, 2014

Glastonbury 2014 - Five Things We Learned...
by Dan
by Dan hmv Cardiff, Bio TBC

Glastonbury 2014 - Five Things We Learned...

Unless you've been living under an extremely large rock, it was Glastonbury last weekend. We were there across the weekend and we gleaned five key things, here's what they are...


All three headliners really brought their A-Game...

There were questions asked about all of this year's headliners. Were they ready? Were they worthy? Were they up to it? Well each of them delivered and then some. Arcade Fire are perfect for the festival seamlessly bringing a carnival like atmosphere with songs from their latest offering Reflektor along with their epic back catalogue.

Metallica also brushed off any sense of controversy immediately from their ironic and hilarious opening pardoy and immediately launched into a set comprised of their greatest hits. What's surprising is how at home it all blends into the spirit of Glastonbury; a festival not known from its love of Judas Priest. Kasabian, Sunday's headliners brought their swagger to the stage along with a mountain of hits that felt particularly heavy in the front of a packed out crowd. A guest appearance by Noel Fielding during 'Vlad The Impaler' was a real highlight, but this was a set full of perfect festival anthems.



Dolly has still got it!

She was the name on everybody's lips and even though she was only in the Sunday "Legends" slot, it felt as though she was the headline act that had to be seen. The fact that it was almost impossible to find a single space to stand in the Pyramid Field, even arriving into the crowd half an hour before she was due on!. What followed was a fantastically fun set that was funny, cheeky and charming. There won't be many better moments at any festival than seeing a 68 year old country singer playing a saxophone and dancing to the Benny Hill Theme song.



Glastonbury is full of secrets and surprises

Throughout the weekend there were several "secret" acts scattered across a number of stages from the Kaiser Chiefs opening the Other Stage on the Friday morning, to members of Mumford & Sons and Haim collaborating together. Other highlights included a packed Williams Green tent for both The 1975 and a set from Metronomy that really set the standard for the rest of the weekend. 



The Glastonbury mud could never dampen anybody's mood

To say that the weather at times was biblical would probably be an understatement. Heavy showers, thunder and even lightning hit the festival over the weekend, the Friday afternoon being particularly crazy, with organisers even having to halt the stages until the storms had calmed down. Punters were caked in mud and there were a fair few revellers who had nothing but a pair of shorts and flip-flops. But at no moment did you see anything but the biggest smiles on everyone's faces...


It still is THE BEST festival in the world!

At no other place would you find such a diverse range of acts and artists with something that is equally amazing and awe inspiring around every corner. The audiences are unlike any other and you can really see why bands talk about searching for a "Glastonbury moment". There's a sense of euphoria that fills the fields in Somerset that are so hard to describe, you just have to be there!

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