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Grimes' Art Angels - What You Need To Know
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Grimes' Art Angels - What You Need To Know

The electro pop whizz kid’s long-awaited fourth album gets a physical released this week (you can preview and purchase it on the right-hand side of the page) and here is everything you need to know about it…


A little background…

A lot happened to Grimes, a.k.a Claire Boucher, in the years between the release of her third LP Visions and Art Angels. Visions was a breakthrough album, it sold handsomely, won countless accolades and endless critical acclaim and took Grimes from blogs into big rooms. She opened for Lana Del Rey, signed to Jay-Z’s management label Roc Nation and relocated to Los Angeles, setting herself up nicely for the recording of her fourth LP.

The first single to emerge from this new period of Boucher’s career came in the summer of 2014 with ‘Go’, but it turned out to be a false dawn with the singer deciding to scrap the album she’d recorded as she believed it to be too depressing to tour. So she went back to the drawing board and came up with Art Angels...


Who’s Producing It?

Grimes. As with everything she does, Boucher is firmly behind the controls, pulling every lever, pushing every button and designing every look.


Any Special Guests?

Two excellent guests, first is Aristophanes, the supremely talented Thai rapper, she helps out on ‘SCREAM’, the second is the one and only Janelle Monae, she takes time out from working on the follow-up to The Electric Lady to help Boucher out on ‘Venus Fly’.


What Does It Sound Like?

Unlike Visions which was recorded in a three-week period where Boucher locked herself away, blacked out all her windows and worked until the album was done, Art Angels came together in a more conventional manner, but it’s still unmistakably her.

The variety on show here is incredible, it goes from ‘Kill V. Maim’, a huge, bombastic track that sounds like a K-Pop single gone wrong, to the slow, Kate Bush-channelling piano ballad ‘Easily’, to the slick ethereal single ‘Realiti’. It’s a beguiling listen that keeps twisting and turning, always captivating, never samey.


Does It Deliver?

Absolutely. Art Angels cements Boucher’s place in music as one of the most forward-thinking, challenging and captivating artists out there. An essential listen.


Grimes’ new album Art Angels is out now.

Art Angels
Art Angels Grimes

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