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Haim's Something To Tell You: What You Need To Know
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Haim's Something To Tell You: What You Need To Know

It has been almost four years since the three sisters that make up Haim unveiled their debut album Days Are Gone, an album which saw the band score a series of worldwide hits with songs 'Falling' and 'The Wire', topping the album charts in the UK and earning a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist in the process.

Since then, they've toured extensively across the globe, featured on The Hunger Games soundtrack, become friends with Taylor Swift and collaborated with a range of artists, popping up in videos by the likes of Chromeo and appearing on tracks by The New Basement Tapes and Calvin Harris.

In March this year, the band unveiled the first of the new tracks from their sophomore album, 'Right Now', with a Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video featuring the band performing the track live in the studio. The new track arrived with the announcement of the title for their second album, Something To Tell You, which finally arrives in stores today. Here's everything you need to know...


A little background...

The starting point for the band's second album came, inauspiciously enough, with a song they wrote for the soundtrack to Amy Schumer's 2015 film Trainwreck. Moving back to their childhood home to begin writing for their new album, the band reportedly struggled at first, having spent the last three years on the road, but the invitation to contribute to the Trainwreck soundtrack seemed to jolt them into life and although the resulting song, 'A Little of Your Love', didn't end up on the soundtrack after all, it proved to be the creative starting point for Something To Tell You and features on the new album. “Everything came out after that”, Alana Haim told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview, “the record wrote itself at that point.”


Who's producing it?

Ariel Rechtshaid, who produced the band's debut (and also happens to be Danielle Haim's boyfriend), is once again manning the controls for their second album, although they have also roped in longtime friend Rostam Batmanglij – one-time of Vampire Weekend fame – to help out with production on a couple of the album's tracks, while Bloodpop also adds additional production on the album's opening salvo, 'Want You Back'.


Any special guests?

Nope. Other than the aforementioned guest producers, it's just the three Haim sisters here.


What does it sound like?

Just like their debut Days Are Gone, Something To Tell You is packed with the kind of slick, sun-kissed grooves and infectious hooks that have earned the band a legion of fans. Opener 'Want You Back' sets the scene nicely, with its chiming piano intro soon giving way to funky hi hats and natty guitar lines while the band's trademark harmonies build to a towering chorus.

'Nothing's Wrong' steps up the tempo a little, but maintains a similar vibe, while other highlights include 'Little of Your Love', which shifts the gear lever from pop/rock to pure, unadulterated pop, and the already-released 'Right Now', a slowly building ballad that serves as one of the more downtempo tunes on the album.


Does it deliver?

If you're hoping for more of the infectious pop/rock tunes that populated Days Are Gone, you won't be disappointed. That's not to say that they haven't branched out here and there, but the evident growth in their songwriting is subtly hidden in the instrumentation and the arrangements more than their overall sound, which is as slick and radio-friendly as ever. There are perhaps a few more growers here than on their last album, but that's no bad thing and if it takes another four years for Haim to produce a third album, it's likely that fans will be happy to wait if the results are as good as this.



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