previews... - March 5, 2015 exclusive! Watch The Districts destroy Philadelphia in this riotous live hometown show...
by Tom
by Tom hmv London, Bio Editor. Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows. exclusive! Watch The Districts destroy Philadelphia in this riotous live hometown show...

Firebrand rockers The Districts have enjoyed a stellar year so far. Their debut album A Flourish And A Spoil has been getting rave reviews and they're filling bigger and bigger venues across the world. Their riotous live shows are notorious, and, to show this off, the band filmed themselves storming it at a hometown show in Philadelphia, a show you can watch in its entirety, below...



We also sat down with frontman Braden Lawrence to talk about the show and their plans for the rest of the year...


What made you decide to film that show?

"The Out of Town Film guys are super talented and nice, and Rocco has an amazing house, so we thought it’d be a fun thing to do. Also the more videos the better in youtube world, monetize and produce to sell."

Do you find it weird watching yourselves back on stage? 

"At first yeah, but I’m used to it by now. I’ve always wanted to see us play as a different person in the audience because videos can only capture so much of any performance."

Does this sum up what kind of live band you are really well?

"I actually didn’t get the chance to see it yet because we’re on tour and it’s morning, excuses. But I hope so!"

How have found the reaction to A Flourish And A Spoil?

"Really positive so far, the shows have been great on tour and it seems like people enjoy and relate to the songs. Really glad it’s out and people can hear it, we’ve been working on it for awhile."

You’ve got a summer full of festivals ahead of you, which ones are you looking forward to the most?

"There are a lot I’m looking forward too like Sasquatch and Bonarroo. Hangout Fest looks super fun too. I’m really excited for warmth and the opportunity to watch a lot of my favorite artists."


A Flourish And A Spoil is out now in hmv stores across the UK and available to preview on the right-hand side of the page. 

A Flourish and A Spoil
A Flourish and A Spoil The Districts

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