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"The music grows as we grow..." - talks to Galantis
by Tom
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After scoring huge hits with 2015 singles 'Runaway (U & I)' and 'Peanut Butter Jelly', Swedish electro duo Galantis are back with new single 'No Money. We chatted with them about making it, why they decided to use the vocals from a 12-year old named Reece and their plans for a big summer of shows...


Firstly congratulations on ‘No Money’, how pleased are you with the track’s success?

"Very pleased with the success! We believed in the song from the beginning, but we never imagined that it was going to explode the way it has. So we are super stoked!"


Can you tell us how that track came together?

"It was a puzzle. We had a piece from the beginning that we were working with and we tried to approach it in different ways. We were really attached to the performance of the vocal at first. We weren’t sure how the chords and the melody would fit the vocal, but we knew it would eventually piece together because we were so married to the performance of 12 year old Reece."



The video for the track is quite something, what was the inspiration for that?

"For us, thinking about video ideas is almost as common as thinking of song ideas. The idea for the video was something we were working on for a while but didn’t know what song it would be a fit for."


How do you want your next album to move on from Pharmacy?

"Making music for us is a natural process. We work on Galantis music everyday and the music grows as we grow. It evolves with us."


You had a track featured on Star Wars Headspace, how did that come about and how much fun was it writing a track for a Star Wars compilation?

"We are huge Star Wars fans and being asked to work on something like this was an honour. We could only use the original Star Wars sound samples from the tapes that no one had ever been allowed to work with before. This was extremely challenging, but also a lot of fun."


What are your plans for the summer?

"We are gonna be on tour and we’re gonna play a lot of shows and we’re looking forward to it!"


When will we see you back in the UK?

"We will be at EDC UK, Tennent’s Vital & Creamfields, but keep an eye out for headline shows soon.."


What have been your favourite tracks of the year so far?

"We love MOTi’s song 'Turn It UP' (ViP mix). After hearing it, we asked him to remix 'No Money'. His remix has been one of our favorites to play out. We’re also fans of Flume’s new track 'Wall Fuck' and everything that Mura Masa has been doing."


Galantis's new single 'No Money' is out now and available to purchase here in our digital store. 

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