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"The album deals with the theme of self-reflection..." - talks to Hannah Georgas
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As she releases her new album For Evelyn we sat down with Canadian singer-songwriter Hannah Georgas to find out all about making the album and why this is a tribute to her grandmother...


When did you start work on For Evelyn? Was it a long process?

"I began writing the album in September 2014. I finished the majority of the writing process at the beginning of March 2015 and I started working with Graham Walsh in early May of that year. We finished mixing and mastering in February of this year. It took just over a year to make, from writing to recording to mixing and all that jazz, it seemed like a long process."

Graham Walsh produced the record, why did you choose him and what did he give you in the studio?

"Graham and I worked together on my last record and we really liked the results. We developed a great sense of trust, friendship and musical understanding, which goes a long way when recording and in the studio."

Which of the songs on the album took the most work to get right? And which came together most instantly?

"'Rideback', 'Crazy Shit', 'Naked Beaches', 'Walls' and 'Angel All The Time' were well fleshed-out and I had a strong vision in my demo version process. The other tracks took more time. It involved Graham and I sitting together and experimenting with different sonic approaches to get to the final versions. Some songs, I had to re-work the arrangements during recording to get it right."

The album is named after your grandmother, why did you decide to do that? And was it always going to be called that?

"The name of the album came to me towards the end of the recording process. I was reflecting a lot on her age and grasping the fact that she’s lived almost 100 years. She has experienced so much and seen so much change in her lifetime. I was also thinking a lot about what sort of presence and influence she has had in my life. The songs on the album deal with the theme of self-reflection and I feel like she is someone who has experienced it all."

What’s the song on the album that you’re most proud of?

"It’s hard to say. I go through phases with songs. I’ll be really excited about one and then I’ll move onto another. I was excited about 'Angel All The Time'. We recorded it and finished it in one evening." 

What kind of album is this lyrically? Does it have a unifying theme?

"The songs came together in a concentrated period of time, during which I was in transition and experiencing a number of changes in my life. The feeling of being unsettled and dealing with the anxiety of change is a common thread throughout. I also reflected on the need to be more present and conscious in the moment and to not let fear dictate any of my decisions."

What are your plans to take the album out live?

"I’m playing a lot of the new album and incorporating some of the last album into the set as well. I have a band based out of Toronto now. My album comes out June 24th. I’m currently on an US tour with Boy and Bear for the next couple of weeks. I’m playing a few shows this summer and then embarking on Canadian/US headlining stuff in the fall as well as the UK and Europe."


Hannah Georgas's new album For Evelyn is out now and available to purchase here in hmv's online store. 

For Evelyn
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