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“We know what works, but we want to experiment, we’re much more confident now…” - talks to PVRIS
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“We know what works, but we want to experiment, we’re much more confident now…” - talks to PVRIS

Electro pop trio PVRIS have gone come a long way in the 18 months since they released their debut album White Noise. The first time they played the UK they were playing pubs and tiny clubs and on their last visit, which wrapped up last week, they were headlining venues with capacities in the thousands, all packed with adoring crowds.

Today they reissue White Noise (which you can preview and purchase on the right-hand side of the page) with two new tracks and a bonus DVD featuring a video for every song. To celebrate the reissue and to find out all about their plans for album number two we sat down with singer Lynn Gunnulfsen and multi-instrumentalist Brian MacDonald...

You’re reissuing White Noise today with two extra tracks, ‘Empty’ and ‘You & I’, you’ve put them right at the start of the album too…

Lynn: “We wanted to just go for it. The two tracks show off everything we are, ‘Empty’ is a very different side of PVRIS, it’s very raw and very real.”


When did you write these two tracks?

Lynn: “‘Empty’ was a song we started for the album and we wanted it on there. It started out really rocking, but we couldn’t get it where we wanted it to go, so we sat on it and when we found out we were doing the deluxe we went back to it. We’ve stripped it right down and we finished it right before we went on tour with Bring Me The Horizon.”


What about ‘You & I’?

Lynn: “We started that two winters ago, right after the record came out, we finished it on our days off from Warped tour, it was already a year old then.”

Brian: “There are lot of demos of that song!”

Lynn: “It resonates much more now than it did when we wrote it. It’s a lot more meaningful now.”


There’s a DVD too, how did you decide what went on it?

Lynn: “We’re a very visual band and we’ve done a video for every song. I’d love to be able to do a front to back record that you can listen and watch, and this is kind of that.”

Brian: “You can take lots from all the videos and it’s really neat to see it in sequence. It’s a good package.”

Lynn: “These are transition songs in the sense that they’re like White Noise, but they’re different from the songs on the album too.”


Have you made much progress on new material?

Lynn: “Oh yeah! We just got off tour with Fall Out Boy and we spent the whole time working in this little mini studio we had set up.”

Brian: “She was sampling everything. Something would fall from a table and she’d sample it and try and turn it into a song. We’re constantly working.”


Have you found it easy to write on tour?

Lynn: “I’ve settled down a bit. At first I was trying to write everything down and do so much, but I’m more relaxed now. You can’t force something if an idea isn’t happening. When we went in to the first record we were like little babies in the studio and we didn’t know if it would work, now we’ll have much more confidence and we want to take the same approach. We know what works, but we want to experiment, we’re much more confident now.”


Are you going to work with Blake Harnage again on the new album?

Lynn: “We’ve talked about it. We’d love to work with Jordan Fish from Bring Me The Horizon some day, he did an awesome job on their record. But for this next one we’ll stay with Blake, but who knows after that?”


Have you found lots of new inspiration?

Lynn: “I’ve learned a lot this past year, I’m a lot more confident with the software and with electronics you can mould any sound that you want. We could go bigger, we could go smaller, we could go spacier, that’s the coolest thing. There’s going to be a lot of different elements on the next record, we want some more oomph!”


How much touring do you have left before you go into the studio? Are you going to get much time off?

Brian: “We’re out until June and then we’ve hopefully got August off, then studio in September.”

Lynn: “They keep booking us for stuff across the summer, but we don’t know how to relax anymore anyway.”


Do you know where you’ll be recording the album?

Lynn: “Last time we did it in Florida in Blake’s bedroom studio, which is tiny, but this time we’re going to Utica in upstate New York, it’s a small town with loads of old houses and there’s a studio there that’s a converted church and we’ve booked it. We’ve got a lot more resources this time, they’ve said we can get a choir, anything we want.”

Brian: “The studio’s supposedly haunted too…”

Lynn: “To make such a big sounding record last time in such a small room, we’re excited to see what we can do with more space. We’ve rented this house and we’re going to ride bikes round the town. I can’t wait…”


PVRIS reissue their debut album White Noise today. Click here to purchase it from hmv’s online store.

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