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“It’s an album about expectations versus reality” - talks to Real Friends
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“It’s an album about expectations versus reality” - talks to Real Friends

We caught up with thoughtful pop-punks Real Friends at last month’s Slam Dunk Festival to find all about the making of their new album The Home Inside My Head (which you can preview and purchase on the right-hand side of the page)...


Your new album’s out now, has it been done for a while?

Kyle (Fasel, Bassist): “It was only finished in mid-February, we actually had to push to get it out so quickly. We’re on Warped Tour and we wanted to get it out in time for that so we had to be really quick. We actually had to get our vinyl bumped up into production.”


How did you want this album to move on from Maybe This Place Is the Same and We're Just Changing?

Dan (Lambton, Singer): “I wanted to do more with my voice, to take advantage of my range and show off what I can do with the softer parts of it, not just high energy all the time. We were able to really diversify our sound.”


How did you find writing this album?

Dan: “We gave ourselves a lot more time. The last record was written in two months and recorded in three weeks, we literally finished before we left for a three-month tour. This time we let the songs have room to breathe and we left things and came back to them. We did as much as we could before we went into the studio.”

Kyle: “We were a lot pickier this time. In the past we’d write a song and finish it and not look at it again. This time we dissected things, we’d deconstruct songs and we might only keep one part. We were constantly pushing ourselves.”


Who did you work with on the album?

Dan: “We did three co-writes with Mike Green and then Steve Evetts did the bulk of the record. We’d wanted to work with Steve for a while and then our label Fearless suggested him too."


How did the co-writes come about? most bands are quite cautious about bringing in outside writers..

Dan: “We were open to it. I think most bands go into those situations thinking that they’re going to lose a lot of control, but we didn’t really do anything different, it was just like having an extra person in the room. We knew if we went in and it didn’t work then we could just say ‘F**k it’ and leave.”

Kyle: “We clicked with Mike really well and I like the balance of the two producers, it gives the record variety and an interesting dynamic.”


What kind of album is this lyrically?

Dan: “It definitely has a theme. It’s an album about expectations versus reality. When you’re young and you’ve got plans for what you want to do compared to where you actually end up. Finding out that the people you look up to have flaws and they can let you down. Nobody is safe from their flaws.”


Where did the record’s title come from?

Dan: “It’s from the second song, but it came pretty late.”

Kyle: “We sat down and tried to come up with a title and we were struggling. I think it was Eric (Haines), our guitar player who suggested The Home Inside My Head and we figured it sounded kind of cool. I actually think it sums up the album really well and it has a lot of different meanings. A lot of the record is about the struggle to open up and feeling at home on your own, so it fits nicely.”


Do you always title things late?

Kyle: “Things are always left to the last minute, the songs were called things like Cinnamon Apple Crisp and Cheesecake Factory right up until the end. We didn’t title anything until the record was done.”


Finally when we will see you back in the UK?

Kyle: “After Warped Tour we’ve got another tour in the autumn and we’re back in the UK for two and a half weeks for a tour with Knuckle Puck and With Confidence. We can't wait!"

Real Friends’ new album The Home Inside My Head is out now and available to purchase here in hmv’s online store.

The Home Inside My Head
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