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“There are things will move you to tears, but when it goes, it goes...” - talks to Lonely The Brave
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“There are things will move you to tears, but when it goes, it goes...” - talks to Lonely The Brave

As they prepare to release their second LP Things Will Matter, we sat down with Lonely The Brave drummer Gavin ‘Mo’ Edgeley and bassist Andrew Bushnen to find out all about making the album, life after a major label and why it’s time to step things up…


How was making the album?

Mo: “We were pushed pretty hard this time, last time out it was a bit more leisurely, Ross Orton really pushed us as hard as he could, and we needed it.”

Andrew: “We felt more ready, we did have a bit of time in the rehearsal room to get ready and get motivated, but it was a lot of work to get it right.”


You worked with Ross Orton, who people will probably know best for the work he’s done with Arctic Monkeys, what was he like and did you go up to Sheffield to work?

Mo: “We went up to Sheffield to do it. We all knew his pedigree, working on those Drenge and Arctic Monkeys’ records. He’s a lovely guy, loves a drink, loves a laugh, also it was two pounds a pint in some places!”


But he pushed you hard…

Mo: “To the point of tears, plenty of times…”

Andrew: “We were all on the verge of complete breakdowns at multiple points.”

Mo: “You need to be beaten and broken, I can pinpoint the moment on the record where I know I was tearing up. We needed that, so more power to him.”


How did you want the album to move on from The Day’s War?


Andrew: “It needed to be more ambitious and varied. We knew we needed to progress, we’re not in the business of making the same album over and over.”


Mo: “It’s a much bigger album sonically. I think it’s a real guitarist’s album, the playing is stunning. This is a much more grown up album, more professional, the stakes feel much higher this time.”


You’ve got a new label, but also not a new label. You’re still on Hassle Records, but you’ve also left Columbia...


Mo: “We’re still with Hassle, which is and probably always will be our home and I think we got as much as we could out of Columbia. If we were still involved with them we’d probably still be mixing it now and trying to find a way to add 25 new choruses.”


Andrew: “We wanted to be able to move quickly, people forget about bands so quickly now and our team wanted to come back as quickly as we could. We didn’t want another load of delays.”


Can you sum up the album lyrically?


Mo: “I can’t sum it up, but if you’re a fan of what Dave (David Jakes, singer) does lyrically, you’ll love it. I’m in awe of him, all the time. There are a couple of moments that will move you to tears, it’s sensitive, but when it goes it goes, it gets very heavy…”


For those who don’t know, Dave doesn’t give interviews, talk during sets and largely avoids eye contact with the audience, is it odd then having a bit more insight into his words, knowing he’ll never open up to the world about them…


Mo: “Not really. I’ve never sat down with him and asked him about what they’re about, for us it’s a bit like everybody else.”


Andrew: “It’s nice to have that bit of mystery, you don’t get that much of that with bands these days…”


So it’s time to go big with this new album then...


Mo: “This has already gone much further than we ever anticipated, but we want to stick around. We all knew this had to be that. We want to get into bigger venues and to find more people, we want this to be as big as it can, no one wants it to fizzle out.”

Lonely The Brave’s new album Things Will Matter is out now and is available to order here from hmv’s online store.

Things Will Matter
Things Will Matter Lonely the Brave

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