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“There’s no themes or grand plan, it’s just our lives” - talks to Moose Blood
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“There’s no themes or grand plan, it’s just our lives” - talks to Moose Blood

As they release their second album Blush, we chatted to Eddy Brewerton, frontman of heart-swelling rockers Moose Blood, about the making of the LP…


Your new album is out today! How long have you had it ready for?

“We recorded it last year and we finished it in November so we’re desperate for people to hear it. We’ve taken a while to get everything sorted, but this feels like the right time.”


How did recording and writing this album compare to your debut album?

“We took a lot more time with the songs and didn’t settle for something that felt like it was finished. We made sure that every song was as good as it could be, it helps having something to compare it to. There was no settling this time round.”


You worked with Beau Burchell, who’s a member of Saosin, as producer again, why did you decide to stick with him?

“We had an amazing experience making the first record and he just gets us as a band, I feel like we’ve made a best friend for life, so it didn’t make sense for us to work with anyone else. We recorded in Los Angeles and it’s incredible to work there, Beau’s got this studio in the back of his house and it’s in a beautiful part of the city, we love it there.”


Did you have a goal in mind for the album?

“We didn’t have long to write it, but we just wanted to better the first album, at least in our own minds, so we just kept going with that.”


Can you sum up the album lyrically?

“We’ve always been quite straightforward in that way, it’s about us and our lives, write about what you know, it’s all personal experiences, relationships and families. There’s no themes or grand plan, it’s just our lives.”


Was Blush always the title? Did you want a much shorter name than I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time to Time?

“We always planned on having a much shorter one. It came about halfway through recording, then we knew that was the one. We’re quite lazy with titling things, but that name fits absolutely.”


Finally what are your plans to take the album out live?

“We’ll be taking this as far as we can and we can’t wait to play the new songs. We’ll be upping the amount of new ones as the tour goes on. We’ll be touring this album for as long as we can.”


Moose Blood’s new album Blush is out now and available to purchase here in hmv’s online store. A number of editions exclusive to hmv are available. 

The band will sign copies of the album and perform a live acoustic set in five hmv store. Click here to find out full details.

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