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by Dave hmv Merlin Park, Bio Boom boom boom boom presents... Albums Of 2015: #18 Metallica

Every day during January we’re going to be previewing the albums that are going to be hitting the shelves in 2015. Most will definitely come out, some probably will, and some we really hope finally see the light of day (we’re looking at you Adele…). Today it's metal behemoths Metallica..


A little background…

Metallica are quite probably THE biggest metal band of all time and as such, have earned the right to take their time between releases. Their last full album, Death Magnetic, came out in 2008- but it’s not like the band haven’t been busy. Since then, they have released the Beyond Magnetic EP, the somewhat mixed collaboration with Lou Reed (Lulu), the single Lords of Summer, the 3D film and soundtrack Through The Never (deep breath…) as well as managing to be the heaviest band to headline Glastonbury and the only band to play in the Antarctic. So its safe to say, even though studio output hasn’t been prolific, they are working hard!


What It's Called?

There’s no title for the record as yet, though the band does have a flair for evocative album titles (Kill ‘Em All, anyone?), though its unlikely they’ll revisit their debut album’s working title of Metal Up Your Ass. Probably.


What Will It Sound Like?

The band have evolved their sound over their 30 plus year recording career, pioneering Thrash metal with their first 3 albums before taking it down a slower, bluesier route with their Bob Rock produced nineties albums. St. Anger was not their best received album but has pointed to where they wanted their sound to go in a production sense- Death Magnetic was a more inspired album but has some similar traits in terms of guitar tone and drum production, though THAT snare sound was thankfully toned dow. Expect a new album to have a similar sound to Death Magnetic, though Metallica are always willing to wrong foot fans- whether it’s by turning the bass off (And Justice For All…) or recording with a symphony orchestra.


Who's Producing It? Are There Any Big-Name Guests?

In terms of who will be behind the mixing desk, Bob Rock was basically the fifth Metallica member for fourth albums (and the 4th when the 3 regular members made St. Anger), but legendary producer Rick Rubin provided a fresh impetus for Death Magnetic and the band has spoken favourably of working with him, so it seems likely he’ll be the man to marshal the studio for their 10th studio album.


Will It Really Come Out This Year? And When?

As for the likelihood of Metallica 10 coming out in 2015- that’s anyone’s guess. With Metallica’s albums of late tending to have long gestation periods, and Robert Trujillo admitting that the songs kind of ferment for a long while before anything happens, at the very earliest a late 2015 release seems likely, if not pushed into 2016. They do have 'Lords of Summer;, premiered last summer (appropriately) almost complete, though they have previewed tracks live before only to radically alter/drop them for the next album. Metallica don’t need to rush, and with more festival headline appearances for this year, serious studio time probably won’t occur until autumn at least.


Metallica Through The Never
Metallica Through The Never Metallica

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