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by Tom hmv London, Bio Editor. Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows. presents... The 100 Greatest Christmas Songs: #60 - #51

Over the next 10 days, is going to counting down the 100 greatest Christmas songs ever released. Today, we move on to numbers #60 all the way through to #51.

(You can find each track in our digital store by clicking on the title, with the exception of #59 and #56).


60. Blink-182 – 'I Won’t Be Home For Christmas'

Originally recorded back in 1997 as a radio promo, the pop-punk trio’s bloody take on the festive season is a typically sugary, catchy and supremely grouchy about love, family, getting arrested and ending up in prison…


59. AC/DC – 'Mistress For Christmas'

1990’s Razor’s Edge isn’t AC/DC’s finest work, but it did produce one of the best hard rock takes on a Christmas song. You can just hear it crawling out of the speakers in a sleazy bar on Christmas Eve…


58. Spinal Tap – 'Christmas With The Devil'

Pompous, flouncy, huge and as tongue in cheek as it’s possible to be, this is vintage Spinal Tap.


57. Stevie Wonder – 'What Christmas Means To Me'

Motown’s relationship with Christmas is a mixed one, but this is one of the gems. Released in 1967, this is most uplifting and triumphant moment on Wonder’s Christmas album Someday At Christmas.


56. Kate Bush – 'December Will Be Magic Again'

Of all the artists suited to creating a graceful and soaring Christmas song, there are none better than Kate Bush. So it proved in 1980 with her one-off single ‘December Will Be Magic Again’, it’s swirly, ethereal and makes you feel like you’re walking through a snowy forest surrounded by fairies.


55. Coldplay – 'Christmas Lights'

Soaring melodies and anthems that make families want to hug each other is Coldplay’s bread and butter, so it was no surprise in 2010 when they decide to try their hand at recording a festive anthem. It starts slow and mournful, but soon builds into a big swelling anthem.


54. Kurtis Blow – 'Christmas Rappin'

Before he’d go on to become the first rapper to become a real commercial success, Kurtis Blow announced him in 1979 with a novelty special, a Christmas hit. It’s still just as fun today…


53. Dean Martin – 'Baby, It’s Cold Outside'

A timeless classic from the crooner, still a fixture on just about every playlist.


52. Chris Rea – 'Driving Home For Christmas'

If you were asked to name two Chris Rea songs, most people would get about as far as 'Road to Hell' and this, released in December 1986 as a fundraiser for homeless charity Shelter. Rea, in case you hadn't guessed, is a car enthusiast and describes himself as Tifosi, the Italian word given to extreme enthusiasts of sports, in this case applied to his love of Ferraris. The song, however, was inspired by something far less glamorous; a trip back to Middlesbrough from London in his wife's Mini. True story.


51. Darlene Love – 'Marshmallow World'

Disgraced producer Phil Spector’s Christmas album is a starry guide to the best of doo wop and Motown, with Darlene Love’s sugar sweet rendition of ‘Marshmallow World’ a real highlight.


Check back tomorrow for Numbers #60 - #51. Revisit #100 - #91#90 - #81#80 - #71 and #70 - #61 here. 


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