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Circa Wives rolled into Bristol on Friday (October 9th) and we were there to review it...



Liverpool's new favourite indie rockers Circa Waves.


In a capacity Bristol Academy on a very lively Friday night.

Any good supports?

Openers Clean Cut Kid have the feel of The Magic Numbers about them from the lead singer's impressive beard to the pleasant indie sound they create.

Second act Ratboy get the crowd rowdy before they even take to the stage; throwing bottles of water and setlists to loving fans before they have even finished setting up. Arriving on stage with a whole load of confidence the group are very much like a younger version of Jamie T for the new-skins generation. Whilst bringing nothing particularly fresh to their sound, the fans all moving for space in the front of the crowd lap up the atmosphere chanting and cheering throughout the boisterous set.

Was it full? And how were the crowd?

It's very much sold out tonight, with the very young crowd going crazy for every song that is played. For some you can tell it is probably their first experience of what is a live 'mosh-pit', uncertain of what to do or getting swamped under bodies initially.

So what was the set like? What did they play?

The set is comprised of their hit filled debut album (which you can preview and purchase on the right-hand side of the page), opening with the self-titled track 'Young Chasers' which sets the tone early for the rest of the show. It's soon followed by 'Good For Me' and 'So Long' which prompt similar reactions from everybody involved.

However when single 'Fossils' is played it causes things to move up a gear and to really have the audience moving. 'Stuck In My Teeth' gets everybody singing before the band have even played a single note. There's no room for any slow down as they race through each song with the pace that the audience are reciprocating.

Each of their songs clearly translate from their joy on record to the adorning audience here tonight. To the people here they feel like anthems that they have grown up with for years as they are sung back without fault.

The highlights of the set come towards the end with 'Get Away' finishing their initial performance before the encore in rousing fashion. After they arrive back on stage the concert finishes with 'T-Shirt Weather' and 1,500 are taken back to the joys of festival season, arms aloft and singing out loud.

Any good between song banter?

They frequently tell the crowd how much they love being here, having last played here opening for the NME tour last year and now the are headlining the entire venue. Frontman Kieran Shudall citing it as one of the best gigs he has ever played, easily topping the previous night.

Did they put on much of a show?

The stage is back lit with strobes and flashing lights which fill the crowd. Whilst not particularly over the top, it still looks particularly impressive with their orange and blue tint throughout.

What was the highlight of the set?

Set closer 'T-Shirt Weather' is already undoubtedly one of the anthems from summer and festival season and this is particularly evident tonight. Each guitar note is repeated by every member in the crowd as they bounce along. By this time the crowd surfers don't mind that they will be escorted out of the venue as they all flood over the front barriers with those behind them raised up on the shoulders of others.

Where can I catch them next?

After a very successful festival season, it sees them having sold out pretty much all of their nights on this tour including Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham. However you still might be able to pick up a few last minute tickets for these shows including a headline set at London's Brixton Academy.

Young Chasers
Young Chasers Circa Waves

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