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Dallas Green and his band rolled into Cardiff over the weekend and we were there to catch him in action...



The Dallas Green fronted Canadian group City & Colour.


In Cardiff University's Great Hall.

Any good supports?

Indie darling Lucy Rose is the perfect start for this evening; in some ways this should be called 'The Voices' tour as her angelic tone is incredibly soothing to the ear. She enters with just herself and a guitar and everybody in the room is silent. It's rare for a crowd to be this quiet and even more so for a support act.

The newer material, especially 'Cover Up', has a real Foals essence to it. From her bouncing on stage and declaring her own personal love for the band she is supporting, you can tell she is delighted to be there. Listening to the set today can make you feel mellow even after having the most stressful of days, it's that soothing.

Was it full? And how were the crowd?

Usually for a concert like this there is room to move around the sides however every single space is taken. Everybody wants to just stand and embrace the music with anybody who even starts talking being told to be quiet by another member of the audience.

So what was the set like? What did they play?

It shows great maturity to be able to open with 9 minute long epic 'Woman' and captivate everyone in the room for its duration. The slow build is complimented by lights from the back which are at first blinding but then swoop amongst the crowd.

Most of the set follows in a similar motion drawing heavily from his latest release 'If I Should Go Before You'. 'Killing Time' and 'Lover Come Back' from the album go down very well this evening with 'Northern Blues' being a particular highlight.

We get fleeting visits into tracks from all of his previous albums, the biggest cheer coming from 'Sleeping Sickness' off the album 'Bring Me Your Love'. The rest of the band each bring a special part to the performance adding their licks and slender tones to back lead man Dallas Green.

The encore is a very delicate moment with Dallas alone on stage with a single light shone upon him and everyone listening with 'Day Old Hate' chilling to listen to. He dares the audience to put their phones away during 'The Girl' where the rest of his band eventually join him back on stage mid way through.

Green's vocals throughout the entire set do not miss a single note. It's a sound that is built to fill arenas, yet he draws you into something so intimate, it feels like you're the only one listening.

Did they put on much of a show?

The back wall is filled with little lights which look like stars and big lamp sweep along the crowds. Subtle, but suitable. 

What was the highlight of the set?

The highlight actually comes during Lucy Rose's set where Dallas Green joins her on stage for a stunning duet on 'She'll Move'. Their voices both compliment each other extremely well and it really feels like a special moment we are witnessing.

Where can I catch them next?

The tour goes on this week, with the possibility that there may be a few festival appearances by the time summer comes around.


City & Colour's new album If I Should Go Before You is out now and available to preview and purchase on the right-hand side of the page. 

If I Should Go Before You
If I Should Go Before You City And Colour

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