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We caught Every Time I Die in action in Cardiff and they were on white hot form...



The consistently excellent Every Time I Die embarking on their sold out UK tour.


In the intimate settings of The Globe in Cardiff. They could have easily sold out somewhere bigger than this but thank goodness they didn't as we wouldn't have had such an intense show.

Was it full? And how were the crowd?

You have never seen a crowd like it. From the off bodies are flying off of the stage, the amps and balconies with the 'No Moshing, No Crowdsurfing' signs being ignored within seconds of the gig starting.

So what was the set like? What did they play?

With an extensive back catalogue of songs they rattle through their set with aplomb. 'Glitches' starts things off as they mean to continue. It looks like a riot has ensued, albeit a controlled one with bodies and arms flailing everywhere.

'We'rewolf' is next with its signature cowbell intro signalling for it to all kick off again. This time the crowd take it up a notch by climbing up the amps before jumping into a sea of arms. All the security guards can do is just stand at the side and smile along. Even by the next song guitarist Jordan Buckley is riding on his back whilst still playing every single note. There aren't many people with a mullet that can pull off being that cool!

'Underwater Bimbos' is dedicated to everyone who came to see their last show in Cardiff which was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute. 'Bored Stiff' incites a circle pit in the middle of the room with its infamous 'Hey there girls...' line being shouted out by everyone in the room.

'It Remembers' from their latest album 'Low Teens' 'slows' things down a little bit if you can call it that. 'The Coin Has A Say', one of the highlights off of the album is also big one here tonight. The mixture of sweat and beer on the floor has people falling all over the place but as is so common with these types of gigs, everyone always takes care of themselves as pointed out by the band.

Throughout the show we get a rendition of Happy Birthday for members of the band along with celebratory cake and shots on stage. The end of the initial set finishes off with a rousing “No Son Of Mine” followed by the slower “Map Change”. We’ve already had a great show but are treated to a couple more songs including the very heavy “Fear And Trembling” and closing off with “Moor” which sees dozens crowding the stage in order to try and dive back into the crowd. It’s a show that surely cements them as the best metal band around at the moment.

Did they put on much of a show?

To say that they put on a pretty great show would be a massive understatement. What's most impressive is that even with five or more members of the crowd on the stage at one time, they still have the room to be an incredibly tight band live.

Was there any good on stage banter?

When their opening lines are stating that the stage is the crowd's stage as well, you know it's not your average gig. Also due to the fact that there is cake brought on stage during a rendition of Happy Birthday for two of the band members which in turn is the handed around the crowd.

What was the highlight of the set?

Dedicated to a girl right in the thick of all of the chaos and action, 'Decaying With The Boys' goes down an absolute storm. From their last album “From Parts Unknown” it has all of the sounds of a great ETID song; a killer hook with an array of riffs still with that southern groove they are known for.

Where can I catch them next?

They’re scheduled to play Download Festival later on this summer which is going to be an unmissable show!


Every Time I Die's new album Low Teens is out now and available here in hmv's online store. 


Low Teens
Low Teens Every Time I Die

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