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Jessie Ware previewed her second album Tough Love with an intimate show at Church of St John-at-Hackney and we were there to review things...



Jessie Ware, South London songstress, on the verge of releasing her second album Tough Love. 



Church of St John-at-Hackney, they don't have gigs here very often, but they should, it's a lovely venue with incredible acoustics. 


Was it full? And how were the crowd?

Sold out as sold out can be, with touts crawling the pavement outside...


So what was the set like? What did she play?

It might not be out for a few more days, but this was all about Tough Love. Ware played the album in its entirety, with only a few tracks from Devotion (which you can preview on the right of the page) thrown in, including the opening 'Running' and the closing 'Wildest Moments'. 

The new album goes through the full spectrum of emotions, from the slight, frail 'Kind Of... Sometimes... Maybe' and 'Sweetest Song' through to the emotionally charged, powerhouses like 'Say You Love Me' and 'Keep On Lying'. The show was captivating, full of incredible moments and utterly thrilling. 


Any good between song banter?

Plenty. Given she was playing the entirety of Tough Love, Ware made sure she explained what each and every song meant and how it was inspired. That meant a few stories from the studio and a couple of dedications to her husband Sam, who she married earlier in the summer. 


Did she put on much of a show?

Lots of lovely lights, but, when you're playing in a church, there's no much you can do by way of fireworks. 


What was the highlight of the set?

Of the older cuts, opener 'Running' sounded incredible, and from the new school, 'Say You Love Me' was incredibly moving. 


Where can I catch her next?

She's in Manchester tonight (October 3rd) and she will play two more shows in January in London and Manchester. 


Tough Love is released on October 13th, check back next week to read a full interview with Jessie Ware. 

Devotion - The Gold Edition
Devotion - The Gold Edition Jessie Ware
Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me

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