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Kasabian are stomping all over the UK at the moment on their huge arena tour to date, we caught their Cardiff show last night (November 23rd) and took it all in...



Kasabian, Britain's front running rock band, promoting their new album 48:13 (which you can preview on the right of the page). 


At a sold out and very busy Cardiff Motorpoint Arena.

Any good supports?

It seems odd for a band as big as The Maccabees to be supporting somebody like Kasabian, however it's only an added treat for the audience who are given a full on show before the headliners even come on. Opening with 'Love You Better' and going straight into 'Feel To Follow, the Brighton fivesome all in full swing, with both lead singer Orlando and guitarist Felix spending the whole set beaming with smiles.

It also gives them a chance to showcase some new material from their forthcoming album next year. With songs like the spine tingling 'Marks To Prove It', it's exciting to see the band progress even further from their Mercury nominated Given To The Wild. Old favourites like 'First Love' may have been where they started, but on the strength of the new tunes, you should mark this down as one of 2015's must-listen records. 

Was it full? And how were the crowd?

A Kasabian crowd is always a very raucous one. Walking through during the build up is almost impossible through the sea of bodies getting to the bars or the front of the stage. However when as soon as the band kick things off, it all goes crazy, with the crowd jumping and singing along to every song.

The atmosphere felt like a match day with everybody chanting and getting involved. It didn't stop after the gig either as the "Ahs" that fill set closer 'L.S.F' are shouted out long past chippy lane and into Cardiff until they all reach home.

So what was the set like? What did they play?

Unusually, the gig started off quietly with a slowed down acoustic version of 48:13's 'Bumblebee', but soon exploded into life with its heavy chorus breakdown. The almost two-hour long set was then filled with hit after hit from their impressive back catalogue.

Hearing old treats like 'Cutt Off' and 'Empire' remind us and the assembled masses just how memorable their songs are still today. Even after 10 years the bassline of 'Club Foot' still never fails to thrill and get the mosh pits going.

It's not all heavy stuff though; enhancing the live experience at Glastonbury, an orchestral section is also brought on tour really adding another extra layer to great songs such as 'Re-Wired' and 'Stevie'. But it's 'Vlad The Impaler' that has the crowd jumping their most. It's to the band's credit that throughout the entire set they are impeccably tight and give the songs even more life than they originally have on recording. It was fantastic. 

Any good between song banter?

They may give off the impression that they are a cocky-lad band, but the band seem genuinely humbled by the Welsh crowd tonight clapping them between songs and thanking them for their support.

Did they put on much of a show?

Kasabian haven't won as many best live act awards as they have without being one of the most consistently thrilling live bands out there. Most of the set is filled with the shocking pink that's daubed across their latest album, and, as always they come armed with an impressive live set, which particularly comes to life in 'Treat', where the stage goes black and the lazers fill the entire arena.

What was the highlight of the set?

From a set full of highlights, it really has to be 'Fire'. The energy in the room is incredibly euphoric with everyone bouncing up and down in unison. Singer Tom Meighan warns us before that it's going to get messy, but the view of over 7,000 people having an absolute blast is just a sight to behold.

Where can I catch them next?

The arena tour now takes them to places such as Nottingham and Bournemouth along with an impressive five nights at the Brixton Academy. Tickets are going to be very hard to get hold of, but you should still try! 

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