May 11, 2014 reviews… MØ @ The Great Escape
by James
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MØ – a.k.a. Karen Marie Ørsted, Denmark-born singer playing edgy electro-pop.


The Warren - Russell Place, Brighton @ The Great Escape

Was it full? And how were the crowd?

The venue was supposedly at capacity but you got the feeling there was room for a lot more people. Everybody piled towards the stage regardless to get closer to the action and the crowd was right into it from the beginning when the singer charged her way onto the stage.

So what was the set like? What did she play?

The show was a fairly blistering half hour of fuzzed-up and filthy electro-pop filled with chiming, glassy synths, sizzling its way out of the speakers courtesy of a live drummer, a live guitarist and guy with a sampler / drum machine set-up, all backing up the singer’s powerful vocals as they powered their way through tracks from her debut album, No Mythologies to Follow.

Any good between song banter?

There was a lot of whooping and generally jacking up the crowd into frenzy, urging everyone forwards towards the stage.

Did she put on much of a show?

MØ is a very, very lively performer, getting right down into the crowd and playing up for those with cameras, but she was all over the stage, a real ball of energy. She can certainly belt out a tune, and she’s definitely one of the most energetic acts we’ve seen all weekend.

What was the highlight of the set?

Pilgrim’ has been a very popular song for MØ and a belting rendition had the whole crowd moving. She really can sing, this girl…

Where can I catch her next?

Well this might have been your last chance for a while, with upcoming shows in Berlin and Hamburg preceding a string of dates in America, starting in Washington DC on May 20th.

MØ - Glass (Official video)

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