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by Dan hmv Cardiff, Bio TBC reviews… Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds @ Glasgow's SSE Hydro

Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds rolled into Glasgow last week and we were there to see him in action...



Manchester's finest Oasis sibling Noel Gallagher.



In the very plush SSE Hydro in Glasgow.


Any good supports?

Super Furry Animals are a great opener, they might be a few years into their career now, but they've still got that reat sense of humour rocking the stage with boiler suits, Power Ranger helmets, furry animal outfits and signs to prompt the audience to applaud.

'Golden Retriever' and 'Juxtapozed With You' are songs that everyone really gets on board with and seems to remember. But the knockout comes at the end with an extended version of 'The Man Don't Give A F***' which includes the for mentioned furry suit costume change in both a rocking and hilarious manner.


Was it full? And how were the crowd?

The crowd are hardly around during the support act, however when Noel is on, the whole arena is filled to the brim. When it does start there are those beer drenched fans who are throwing their dregs across the room, but everyone is in full sing-a-long mode.


So what was the set like? What did they play?

Prince's face is projected onto the back screen to the accompaniment of 'Let's Go Crazy' receiving one of the biggest cheers of the evening. This leads into 'Everybody's On The Run' which is an epic opening complete with a full choir providing backing vocals.

'Lock All The Doors' follows and already people are up on shoulders singing back along with 'In The Heat Of The Moment' which is another highlight of the evening. A lot of the set is comprised of both of his solo efforts but it wouldn't be an Gallagher gig without some Oasis songs in there.

The first one played doesn't get much better than a little known song called 'Champagne Supernova'. The choral cry from the crowd makes it feel all the more anthemic. It's followed by a number of B-Sides including 'Half The World Away' which is dedicated to the 'Royale Family' initially to boos in the crowd until the realisation hits them.

'The Masterplan' finishes the set into the encore with a stunning and touching tribute to Prince followed by the biggest sing along yet with 'Wonderwall'. We then get a duo of 'Record Machine' and 'AKA...What A Life' from his debut solo effort before it all ends with a majestic version of 'Don't Look Back In Anger'. The noise that fills the arena is deafening and it's clear that this will still be an anthem for years to come.


Any good between song banter?

Noel is well known for not holding back when it comes to expressing his views. He even comments on one fan in the front row having his face tattooed alongside his brother, complaining that it isn't big enough and that if he were to get one on his back he'd be impressed!


Did they put on much of a show?

The light show is very impressive and colourful complimented by several large screens . No expense is spared with the band as there are both choral segments as well as brass sections in particular on 'The Mexican'.


What was the highlight of the set?

The whole evening is obviously somewhat shadowed with the announcement tragic passing of Prince. However both acts dedicate their sets to the legend himself. Set against a backdrop of his face Noel talks about how Oasis' album 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants' was in reference to people of his stature.

In tribute the entire crowd sing along to 'Live Forever' a song perfectly apt for the legacy that has been laid. With every single person in full voice, it's a real spine tingling moment.


Where can I catch them next?

The UK tour stops off in Aberdeen, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool and Bournemouth before a tour of the US in the summer. He also performs in Glasgow again at the end of August as part of the Glasgow Summer Sessions.

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