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Ahead of his Glastonbury set, EDM's dimunitive powerhouse Skrillex hit the Eden Sessions hard, we were there to review it all...



Skrillex, the multi-grammy award winning EDM superstar from California with an immense social media fan-base.



The Eden Sessions arena at the Eden Project in Cornwall.


Any good supports?

Chris Lorenzo from Birmingham treated the gathering crowd to his tasty 'house & bass' vibes before Tchami, an upcoming house DJ from France, took to the decks, successfully getting the party started in the front rows with more sporadic dancing erupting further back in the idyllic, warm sunshine.


Was it full? And how were the crowd?

It wasn't full, but those that made it were certainly solid Skrillex fans and their healthy enthusiasm was duly rewarded by an expectedly stunning set that delivered the goods and kept the crowd dancing like maniacs from start to finish.


So what was the set like? What did he play?

Skrillex impressed immediately as he skilfully cued himself in, seamlessly taking over the controls from DJ Tchami.  “How y'all feeling Eden Sessions?” he screamed and the responding roar confirmed that people were about to go from quite normal looking to absolutely ballistic with one drop of bass.  And so it happened, Skrillex pulled back his white headphones and excitedly shrieked a countdown “...3, 2, 1!” and then BOOM! the first mighty dubstep beats resounded in an explosion of smoke and laser light. 

This was not simply to be a non-stop bombardment of the ears and eyes. Rather, the entire set was a superbly executed compilation, with the DJ carefully weaving all the beloved hits from his earlier EPs with the newer material from RecessThe dominantly green theme suddenly switched to a menacing red as the lyrics “now push it!” echoed around, then followed a cool blue that enhanced the track 'Try It Out with the ever-animated Skrillex jousting with the crowd and jumping up onto his mixing console rigging every now and then. 

He was enjoyed every moment as much as everybody else and effortlessly had the willing crowd under complete control under the last note spun out. 


Any good between song banter?

Skrillex gave numerous shout-outs in-between his many spontaneous scream-outs including one “to mother nature for no rain.” At the very end he gave a cool shout out to a pair of young twin brothers that had been going wild up front the entire evening with their dad.  He reminisced about the time his dad had taken him to his first live concert, which happened to be Metallica, when he was nine years old.


Did he put on much of a show?

The visual delights kicked off with a large green UFO hovering into the background letting loose an array of alien characters that spawned in various forms from the humorous cartoon styled to the menacingly monstrous (there were even some H.R. Giger aliens dancing about later on).  The show was insane, at first there were just simple colour themes, but that gave way to immersive live video footage of the show later on.  This worked hand in hand together with the accompanying light and laser display that, in turn, also warped from simple flashing spotlights at first to high definition laser work at the end.  It was an awesome experience.


What was the highlight of the set?

It's hard to tell what moment the energetic crowd enjoyed most, but nearing the end there seemed to be a climatic surge of excitement during 'Bangarang'.  Oh, he also managed to get the entire gathering to crouch down and then sprout up in crazy tree formations inspired by the stirringly beautiful venue.


Where can I catch him next?

Skrillex will be on the Other Stage at Glastonbury so make sure you catch his set!


Skirllex's debut album Recess is out now in hmv stores and can be previewed by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the page. 

Recess Skrillex

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