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by Gavin
by Gavin hmv Hereford, Bio TBC reviews... The Bug @ London's KOKO


British Grime / Hip-Hop noisemaker The Bug, a.k.a. Kevin Martin



London KOKO 18/4/2015


Any good supports?

This was a heavyweight line up with a fantastic representation of all different aspects of bass culture from dubstep don Mala from Digital Mystikz, the legendary Channel One Sound System, turntable wizard Jon 1st and with the drum n bass, Dub Phizix & Strategy.

Jon 1st kicked things off dropping big tunes with plenty of scratching while Channel One pumped up the dub and roots reggae classics on the heavy sound system. Mala had the whole crowd meditating on bass weight dropping both tried and tested anthems and newer cuts that were just as deep and Dub Phizix & Strategy rounded things off with a relentlessly furious dnb workout that had the crowd shanking til the end.


Was It full? How were the crowd?

KOKO was sold out and all four floors of the venue were packed with an up-for-it crowd who had come to dance to the heavyweight rhythms. From the packed dancefloor on the bottom to the high reaches of the top, everyone in attendance lost their minds to all the acts that played. The sound inside the venue was phenomenal and the bass was so heavy you could feel it which made things feel extra special.


What was the set like? What did they play?

The Bug came on without warning and as the massive waves of bass and beats hit, it was immediately obvious that he was taking no prisoners tonight, smashing through cuts from last years brilliant album Angels & Devils that had the audience going mad on the dance floor before the MCs came out and took things to another level.

Flowdan, Manga and Miss Red all have different styles but each had the crowd hyped up to insanity levels with their wordplay. From Flowdan and Manga rhyming over classic grime beats such as 'I Luv U' and Roll Deep's own 'When Im Ere', as well as their own tracks with The Bug like 'Function' and 'Dirty' to Miss Reds hypnotic 'Mi Lost', this was a lesson in audio warfare and with each of them spitting pure fire and the passionate response from the crowd made the atmosphere absolutely electric.
A storming set on a special night for lovers of bass music, this was simply put, phenomenal!


Any good between song banter?

The Bug is not one for banter and said nothing all night but he was too busy dropping colossal rhythms to do so and let the MCs hype the crowd up, which they did with considerable ease.


Did he put on much of a show?

This was strictly a DJ and his MCs tearing up the place but with the lights and strobes in such a great venue as KOKO you couldn't help but feel elated looking around and seeing four levels of people going crazy to the bass madness going on.


What was the highlight of the set?

It is difficult to single out a moment in a set packed with highlights from Flowdans colossal performance on 'The One' and the awesomely heavy 'Dirty' to Manga's manic 'Function' but it has to be when Killa P came out and joined Flowdan for the legendary banger 'Skeng', the place went absolutely crazy for it and the crowds frenzied reaction was something to behold. Having seen some audiences go berserk in the past, this was truly next level stuff!


Where can I catch him next?

Supersonic Festival, Birmingham, June 13th and Parklife Festival, Manchester June 6-7th. Don't miss them!


The Bug - 'Skeng'

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