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by Nick hmv London, Bio Cat in the wall, eh? Ok, now you're talking my language. reviews... The Killers @ BST Hyde Park

The Killers rolled into London at the weekend and we were there to see them in action...



Las Vegas natives and one of the biggest rockbands in the world, The Killers



Centre stage at the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park, London


Any good supports?

White Lies were on excellent form, hitting especially big heights on 'Farewell To The Fairground' and 'To Lose My Life', while Elbow got everyone singing with 'One Day Like This'. Despite the great performances, none would compare to what was to come.


So what was their performance like? What did they play?

Put simply, their performance was incredible!

The set included their crowdpleasing classics, some self-confessed under-appreciated gems as well as a couple of surprises. Their whole performance was accompanied with a bright and colourful on-stage visuals that lit up Hyde Park.

In front of a crowd packed with thousands of excited and enthusiastic fans, the pink confetti canons exploded as they began their set by playing their newly released single 'The Man', from their upcoming album Wonderful, Wonderful.

They then transitioned into their hits 'Somebody Told Me' and 'Spaceman', which revved up the crowd for what was to come. 

Following those songs, lead singer Brandon Flowers took a moment to introduce the next song saying "there were a couple of songs that surprised us that we hadn’t been playing" referring to preparations for their upcoming tour. This was where the band performed 'This River Is Wild', the aforementioned underappreciated gem. Before actually beginning the song Flowers told the crowd "the man who sings ‘This River Is Wild’ does not wear a pink leather jacket." which is where he switched to his stylish black blazer.

The big surprise of the set was their cover of Joy Division's 'Shadowplay' from their album, 'Sawdust', followed by crowd-pleaser 'Human' which the crowd continued singing even after the set was over.

Finally, they performed the obligatory encore which featured 'This Is Your Life' and 'Shot At The Night'. As the confetti canons returned, The Killers couldn't leave without performing their beloved classics, 'When You Were Young' and of course, 'Mr. Brightside'. These were definitely the highlights of the whole performance.


Any good between-song banter?

Very little. The Killers just got down to business. They talked a bit about the 10th anniversary of Sam's Town and how they were preparing for their upcoming tour.  

They also acknowledged that they hadn't performed in the UK much and felt like the crowd and the band had to get reacquainted.


Where can I catch them next?

The Killers have just announced a tour of the UK for November 2017, other than that look out for their fifth studio album 'Wonderful Wonderful'.


You can check out the band's back catalogue here in hmv's online store. 

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