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by Sam
by Sam Crawley, Bio ... reviews – The Who @ British Summer Time

The mod veterans played a barnstorming set at this year's British Summer Time festival in London's Hyde Park, and was there to catch all the action...



The undeniably outstanding, breath-taking and legendary, The Who.



Hyde Park, the home of everything great.


Any good supports?

Nothing better than the ever awesome Kaiser Chiefs, who brought supreme energy and passion combined with a sweaty Ricky Wilson, who could say no? 'Ruby' had everyone buzzing for the rest of the night.


Was it full? How were the crowd?

All through the day, thousands were there to watch the shining acts but once The Who came with their enticing vibe, not a single person wasn’t singing back to ‘My Generation’. Tens of thousands were there to give an amazing atmosphere.


What was the set like? What did they play?

The set had everyone singing back to every song. With ‘Who Are You?’ coming right at the beginning, the whole crowd was on their feet, drowning out Mr. Daltrey himself. ‘You Better You Bet’ being in the middle of the set confirmed people weren’t slacking off, but instead making sure everyone was giving 100% back to the band. Rounding things off with ‘Baba O’Riley’ and ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’, The Who made sure people was singing all the way back home.


Did they put on a good show?

This was nothing less than the classic Who we all know and love. With the acoustic guitars going well with the hard impact electric guitars and vocals, and the thousands singing to the top of their voices, no one left disappointed.


What was the highlight of the set?

Is it possible to call the whole set a highlight? With Pete Townshend talking about the struggles young adults go through and that’s where some of their songs come from, to Roger Daltrey putting 110% into every song; I think I could talk on behalf of everyone there to say, The Who will live on.


Where can I see them next?

You can catch The Who performing 2 European dates (France and Netherlands) towards the end of this month and the beginning of July. They then go to America in late September performing in a number of states. The Who will return to the UK though for sure, not a doubt about it.

The Who Hits 50
The Who Hits 50 The Who

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