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The Wombats previewed their new album Glitterbug at an intimate show in Bristol and we were there to review the whole damn thing...



Liverpudlian trio The Wombats. Playing their first UK tour in almost three years in the lead up to their third album Glitterbug.


At a very hot Bristol Academy.

Any good supports?

Opening act Team Me are a slice of Norwegian twee indie pop that are a real delight for the early audience. Their sound is a cross between Of Monsters And Men and Arcade Fire at their happiest, which really puts everyone in a great mood.

Blackpool based Darlia then follow with their grunge-rock tones and sledgehammer guitars. The trio seem like an odd choice due to the light heartedness of the two bands they are sandwiched between, but they tour a heck of a lot and have built themselves a rock solid fanbase, meaning they end up having their name chanted at several points tonight and there are plenty of pits sparking into life, especially during 'Candyman' and 'Queen Of Hearts'. 

Was it full? And how were the crowd?

From the outset the sold out crowd were suitably bouncy. It's filled with a lot relatively young fans who provide plenty of energy.

So what was the set like? What did they play?

We are thrown right into the action straight away with 'My Body Is A Weapon' off of their newest release, which is greatly embraced by the singing crowd. It's then followed by an energetic rendition of 'Jump Into The Fog'.

The set is comprised primarily of songs from Glitterbug, with songs like latest single 'Give Me A Try' and 'Greek Tragedy' showcasing a more electronic venture for band on their third outing, with a lot of heavy synths on show. 'This English Summer' sees them back to their original indie roots of their first record and is a wonderful slice of sing-a-long pop/rock.

But it's the familiar tracks like 'Kill The Director' and 'Techno Fan' that get everybody moving about. After a rousing 'Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)' they leave the stage with the audience left chanting for more and luckily they're not left disappointed. Ending with an encore of 'Let's Dance To Joy Division' that everybody is chanting for, they make sure that nobody goes home with anything other than a big smile on their face. 

Any good between song banter?

The band were keen to tell everyone how this was the first UK show they had performed in around three years so wanted to make it a good one. From the reaction of the crowd and the constant smiles on the faces of the band, it's clear to see that was the case.

Did they put on much of a show?

Set against a city backdrop surrounded by some impressive lighting, it's fair to say that they put on a bit of a show tonight. Particularly during an impressive 'Techno Fan', lights and strobes were spinning around into a loving audience.

What was the highlight of the set?

An extended introduction lead into a blistering 'Moving To New York' early on in the set. Clearly a fan favourite it had everybody on the dance floor with their arms in the air.


Where can I catch them next?

Their tour continues with other Academy venues including Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester and London. They will also be performing the festival circuit across the summer and are confirmed for Reading & Leeds in August. 


The Wombats' new album Glitterbug is released on Monday (April 13th). You can pre-order it in store now. 

Glitterbug (available in-store & at hmvdigital from 13 April)
Glitterbug (available in-store & at hmvdigital from 13 April) The Wombats

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