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by Gavin
by Gavin hmv Hereford, Bio TBC reviews... Venetian Snares @ Cardiff Globe

The masterful Venetian Snares hit Cardiff's Globe on Sunday night for a stellar show and we were there to take it all in...



Venetian Snares. The best DJ you've never heard of. 



Cardiff Globe. 


Any good supports?

DJ Parasite warmed the crowd up with a very warmly recieved energetic  mix of classic breakcore, heavy jungle and gabber anthems that got the audience up and dancing from the off. He was joined at the end of his set by Annakissed and the pair treated those in attendance with a mix of breakcore and folk that they called folkcore! Whilst this sounds like a weird match, it worked really well and they ended the set with a cover of Dolly Partons Jolene to mass applause.

Was it full, how were the crowd?

Despite it being a cold and wet Sunday night, the venue was full of eager fans waiting to see a rare Venetian Snares performance. The crowd were up for it from the start with the majority dancing as if their lives depended on it whilst others were just watching and nodding their heads to the frenetic yet beautiful music.

What was the set like? What did he play?

The set was relentless from the get go with a mixture of tracks from the new album My Love Is Bulldozer as well as from past albums such as the classic 'My So Called Life' and it was the Prop Joe from The Wire sampling track 'Cadaverous' that got probably the biggest response with the crowd skanking away to its infectious beat.

While Venetian Snares music is not for everyone and indeed not for the faint hearted, for everyone in the room it was a master class in exciting and forward thinking music. Aaron Funk aka Ventian Snares is a master DJ and to see him rock the turntables so effortlessly was a joy to behold as track after track of furious breakcore segued in with the slow and haunting parts that the crowd was loving.

Despite the music being so full on, the atmosphere was celebratory and everyone left the venue sweaty and with a smile on thir face. The sound was spot on and you could feel every beat and even though the venue was quite small, it was perfect for Venetian Snares as was the atmosphere. Definitely recommended for anyone with a love of adventurous music and a love of dancing!

Any good between song banter?

Aaron Funk is a man of few words and let the music do the talking. The only noise from the audience was cheering and clapping and the sound of awe as Funk dropped breakcore gem after breakcore gem.

Did they put on much of a show?

Just Aaron Funk behind his decks but that was all that was needed when you have music of this calibre. He cuts an imposing figure and his music is hard and violent but seemed genuinely touched by the audiences response to the set, constantly raising his bottle of beer to salute the crows from behind his turntables.

What was the highlight of the set? 

The highlight of the set was the aforementioned "Cadaverous" when that dropped the crowd went mental! The atmosphere was fantastic throughout the night but this was something else.

Where can I catch them next?

November 15th at the Laundry in London with Boxcutter, One not to be missed!

My Love Is A Bulldozer
My Love Is A Bulldozer Venetian Snares

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