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We Are Scientists hit Bristol last week and we there to see them...



Still the coolest guys in indie-rock, it's We Are Scientists.


In a very full Bristol Bierkeller.

Any good supports?

Flowers with their indie-pop sound and the delicate voice of lead singer Rachel Kenedy are a real delight to start off with. Even admitting that there are technical problems during the set, tis doesn't stop them from sounding great.

Was it full? And how were the crowd?

The room is packed tonight and there are no signs of Sunday blues at all. From the get go people are nodding about, but a few songs in and the place really starts moving.

So what was the set like? What did they play?

The set plays out almost like a greatest hits spanning their whole career. As soon as they open with the riff of 'The Scene Is Dead' from their 2005 debut the cheers ring out in the room and it only gets louder from there.

New single 'Buckle' from their latest album Helter Seltzer is sounding huge as well. It's a common theme for the evening as the sound tonight really shows off each member of the group and their abilities. 'Chick Lit' for example has a bass line that is irresistible not to bounce along to, whilst 'It's A Hit' still has a riff that soars through the room.

'Rules Don't Stop' is the moment when the real dancing kicks into another gear. Channels of fans from the back of the room make their way into the front to jump around. After the mould is broken then this doesn't stop for the rest of the evening particularly during the fantastic 'Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt' and 'The Great Escape'. 'Nice Guys' comes afterwards following several chants from the crowds even after joking that they have the power to never take requests.

The initial set is ended with 'After Hours' which still sounds to this day like it could cure any hangover that you've ever had. It's a joyous feeling in an evening full of them, but fortunately there's still more to come. Their return to the stage has the biggest cheer of the night which leads into 'Dumb Luck', a song which is played note perfect even after its great difficulty and intricacy.

'Too Late' from their new album finishes off things with a bang with singer/guitarist Keith Murray throwing himself into the crowd for one final solo. Over the years WAS have built themselves a very strong fan base and it is clear to see why. They way they are still incredibly tight and most importantly entertaining after all these years, makes you think that they could still go on for many more to come.

Any good between song banter?

You could honestly just spend the evening with the band not playing any songs and just listen to them interacting with the crowd and it would still be funnier than most stand up comics you'd go to see. Topics tonight vary from 'What makes the perfect wolf-whistle?' and whether 'Being back in Bristol' is really a good thing or not, all with a gleeful sense or irony.

Did they put on much of a show?

The backdrop is of two black cats, one smoking a cigarette, the other sporting some WAS bling around its neck. In terms of a show, you really get your money's worth whether you take it from the songs that sound great tonight, or the sort of crowd interaction you rarely see at shows today.

What was the highlight of the set?

If there's one word to describe tonight it's 'fun'. If there are two words to describe it, it would be 'really fun'. These guys can't help but put a smile on your face whether it be from the hilarious on stage banter, or just some of the cracking tunes that they have made.

'Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt' provokes the biggest reaction of the evening causing the pit at the front to particularly lose their minds. It's as much of an indie anthem that is relevant today, as it was when it was released over a decade ago.

Where can I catch them next?

The band have three more UK shows this week and you can find details here. 

Helter Seltzer
Helter Seltzer We Are Scientists

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