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by Tom hmv London, Bio Editor. Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows. reviews… Within Temptation @ Download Festival

Download Festival, the annual pilgrimage of thousands of rock and metal fans to a field just off the M1 to watch over 100 bands is here. will be bringing you reviews and interviews from the festival across the weekend. Our day continues with Dutch arena Within Temptation, who pulled out all the stops with their stage show...


Within Temptation, Dutch arena rockers who don't do anything by halves, currently touring their new album Hydra (which you can preview by clicking on the icon on the right-hand side of the page).



Download Festival, third from the top on the Main Stage.  


Was it full? And how were the crowd?

Pretty big, not massive or packed to the back, but very respectable. The crowd mostly stood there with their mouths open, gawping at the sheer amount of pyrotechnics. 


So what was the set like? What did they play?

The band brought out the best bits of Hydra, including a whalloping opener in 'Let Us Burn' and 'Paradise (What About Us?)' which featured Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen appearing on the big screen. They also tore through a number of their older classics, including 'Fire And Ice', 'Our Solemn Hand' and 'Stand My Ground', which got a huge reaction from the sun drenched crowd.


Any good between song banter?

Nothing shocking, lots of thank yous and 'we're delighted to be here's', considering the fire and brimstone of their stage show, they're a very polite band. 


Did they put on much of a show?

You bet they did. The set kicked off 'Let Us Burn', which appropriately saw the flames shooting up all over the stage, and from then on out it was all lights and big bangs. The whole set took place underneath an enormous replica of the multiple headed monster that adorns the cover of Hydra. So yeah, they made an effort...


What was the highlight of the set?

Towards the end of the set they unleashed a colossal rendition of 'Stand My Ground', which had the crowd chanting along loudly. 


Where can I catch them next?

They've got some more European festivals and then a big US tour, nothing scheduled in the UK for now. will be at Download Festival across the weekend of June 13th to June 15th, bringing you interviews and reviews. 

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Hydra Within Temptation
Within Temptation - Paradise (What About Us?) ft. Tarja

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