hmv's Next Big Thing - January 7, 2015

hmv's Next Big Thing... #1 Years & Years
by Tom
by Tom hmv London, Bio Editor. Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows.

hmv's Next Big Thing... #1 Years & Years

Every Wednesday we recommend a brand new artist who we think you're going to love. Now back with a new name and a bit of new decor, we’re starting off 2015 with Years & Years, a band who are sure to get your feet moving…

Who Are They?

They are fronted by Olly Alexander, who you might know better as an actor with roles in Skins (he played Cassie’s stalker in the final series), The Riot Club and Penny Dreadful, but also include Emre Turkmen on synths and Mikey Goldsworthy on bass.

Formed back in 2010 after Goldsworthy arrived in London from Australia, the band released their debut single ‘I Wish I Knew’ on cool as you like dance label Kitsune and have been gigging relentlessly since then, playing with the likes of Clean Bandit and Sam Smith.


Who Do They Sound Like?

Years & Years are the children of 90s big-beat dance pop and the nu rave that followed a decade later. Imagine the pop ear of Friendly Fires, the wacky ambition of the Klaxons and the hippy grooves of Primal Scream.


Why should I be excited?

Because they make euphoric dance pop with choruses the size of whole mountain ranges. And they’re great live. That enough for you?

When you say ‘Big’? What do you mean?

In this case we mean a string of hit singles that are going to be head across big fields all summer long.


Can I hear something?

Sure, their new single ‘Desire’ is below for you and available here in our digital store.


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