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"On the whole we never really intended it to sound a particular way..." talks to Marmozets
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"On the whole we never really intended it to sound a particular way..." talks to Marmozets

Yorkshire-based math rock quintet Marmozets have been steadily building a name for themselves over the last few years, with some well-received EPs - 2011's Passive Agressive and 2012's Vexed - already under their belts, but next week finally sees the release of their full-length debut, The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets.

We caught up with the band to chat about the record, working with Larry Hibbett, and their favourite shows from a busy summer on the festival circuit...


Your debut album is out next week, are you nervous or just excited to get it out?

"A mixture of both! It's been a long process but were more than ready for it to be released. We can’t wait for everyone to FINALLY hear it!"

When did you record the album and where?

"We started recording the album in December last year not so far away from home in a town called Castleford. It was a fun procedure as we've only done short EPs beforehand. We ended up completing vocals for the album in Brixton at producer Larry Hibbett's studio because there was a power cut!"

What’s the oldest song on the record? And what’s the newest?

"I think the oldest is Born Young and Free which we've had written well over a year now. The newest is the title track of the album 'Weird and Wonderful' - we literally started and finished that song in the studio when we had a bit of free time!"

Who would you describe as the key influences on the album?

"On the whole we never really intended it to sound a particular way, we just sort of went with wherever each track took us. We listened to a lot of QOTSA and Jack White stuff around that time which did have a definite influence in parts."

You worked with Larry Hibbitt, who used to be part of Hundred Reasons, what did he give you as a producer?

"He guided us through songs - after all, their debut record is somewhat legendary - so he obviously knows his stuff. It really helped us out and he really thinks out of the box sound wise, tone wise, technique wise in places. He was a huge help."

What kind of album is this lyrically?

"It's based around a lot of different things. Some songs are written about memories and people, and some are to do with the album’s progress and the frustrations of being in a band, or being a young person in the world today. It's full of different ideas and different points of view on things."

Tell us about the title, when did you settle on that?

"It took us ages to get there with the title, but once we got there we were really into it. We’re really chuffed with how it's looking visually and we think it presents ourselves as a band and what we’re all about well!"

You’ve had a very busy summer, playing just about every festival there is, which shows were the best?

"We played this festival in France called Cabaret Vert and it was completely barmy and unexpected - we got a randomly massive crowd on the main stage and couldn't believe it! Reading festival was also amazing for us, to play twice in one day at both Reading AND Leeds is such an honour, not many bands get to do that. We played to like 20,000 people each day."

How much touring do you already have lined up?

"We have tours lined up until next year now so it’s going to be busy. We're on the Big Cheese Magazine tour with Lonely The Brave and a band called Allusondrugs starting on 1st October, then we're back into the States with Issues on the Journeys tour in November, then going on the road through the UK and EU with Taking Back Sunday in December. We're unbelievably stoked about all the shows!"


The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets is available in hmv stores and to download from Monday September 29th

Marmozets - Born Young And Free [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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