February 15, 2014

hmv Exclusive! Watch the video for City and Colour's new single 'The Lonely Life' and read our interview with Dallas Green...
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hmv Exclusive! Watch the video for City and Colour's new single 'The Lonely Life' and read our interview with Dallas Green...

As well as premiering the video for his new single 'The Lonely Life', which you can see at the bottom of the page, we also sat down for a chat with Dallas Green to talk about the follow-up to The Hurry and the Harm and how he's adjusting to not being a part of Alexisonfire anymore…


How's the tour been so far?

"It's been great so far, the crowds have been really excited, which is great because it's sometimes hard to tell what people are thinking. We have a section of the show that's very loud, and a section that's very quiet and sometimes I can see in people's faces that they're not sure how to react, sometimes they're just too polite, but that's been rare on this tour."


How have the songs from the new record going down?

"I think they've going over well. I think people are always surprised when they see us live, I've never been one who wants to exactly recreate the record onstage, some songs don't translate as well as you want them to so you have to pep them up, sometimes you need to add electric guitar on them, especially in big venues."


This is your first album cycle when you've just been able to focus on City and Colour, has it been a relief not having to jump between the two bands?

"It has and it hasn't. Because I have a whole new live band, I've been spending a lot of my time constantly thinking about the show and how it's working. All of my songs feel like new songs because I've got new people playing them, so I've got time to over-analyze now. I do like having time off between tours to relax and actually work on new songs."


Do you miss doing Alexisonfire?

"Of course, I do miss it, it was a huge part of my life. Every time I see the guys I miss playing with them and every time I'm in venues that I played with Alexis you can't but think about the shows that you played there. But, that said, I like where I am now and I think this is where I'm supposed to be."


So have you started working on new stuff then?

"Yeah, I've got some little bits and pieces going. I'm not a rush though, I've never been one to force it, nothing good comes off it. I've just had a month off, so I used that time to put some stuff together."


Now you're completely focused on City and Colour, do you think you'll be able to be prolific?

"That would be nice, I would like that. But I'm a very sporadic writer, I'm not one to sit down every day and write, I do it when it feels comfortable."


So you're touring for the rest of the spring, what's the plan for after that?

"We have a few weeks off so I'll try and get back those songs I've started on. Then we start on festivals, we're doing Coachella and a few US festivals, I don't think I'm doing any in Europe, but that's not confirmed. Then, at the end of the summer, I'll sit down, look at the material I've got and decide. I've promised myself I'll take a break, but I never seem to. If the record's there, I'll make it, if it's not, I'll take a break."


Are you hoping to record in the same way you did on The Hurry And The Harm?

"It depends on the songs. I really like playing with this band, I know some people wish I'd go back to just playing with an acoustic guitar, but City and Colour was never meant to just be that, it was a collection of songs I had that just stripped down. People who know me from Alexisonfire know that I like being in a band, I like seeing the impact other musicians have on songs. But, if the song feels like it should just be me and a guitar, then that's what they'll be."


Finally, what was your favourite record of last year?

"There's this instrumental band called Earthless, they have like three records, which have a total of seven songs, they're all like 20 minutes long, they put out a record called From The Ages, I listened to that a tonne."


City and Colour's new album The Hurry and the Harm is out now, you can preview it by clicking on the icon on the right hand side of the page.

The Hurry and the Harm
The Hurry and the Harm City And Colour
City and Colour - The Lonely Life (Official Video)

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