News - July 16, 2021

hmv celebrates its 100th birthday!
by Tom
by Tom hmv London, Bio Editor. Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows.

hmv celebrates its 100th birthday!

Today (July 24th) marks the 100th anniversary of hmv!

Back in July of 1921, the Gramophone Company, who'd 14 years earlier opened one of the UK's first dedicated record factories, took the decision to open the first hmv at 363 Oxford Street in London,

The shop, which had been a men's clothing shop; was open by famed composer Sir Edward Elgar and launched a beloved brand that has now lasted 100 years. 

Celebrations for the centenary are going on throughout 2021. An exclusive range of vinyl launches next week and you can click here for full details on the many releases we have in store to mark our 100th birthday. 

You can follow the celebrations across our social channels, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but below are a snapshot, showcasing the creativity and love the brand still produces in artists, labels, studios, our store staff, and, most importantly, our customers...


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