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The most treasured vinyl in my record collection is...
by hmv
by hmv hmv London, Bio Home of entertainment since 1921

The most treasured vinyl in my record collection is...

Whether it's record you inherited from your parents, a valuable limited edition or just a record that you spin more often than any other, everyone has at least one little gem in the vinyl collection that they'd never part with. We asked our staff in stores around the UK to name the most treasured vinyl in their record collection, here's what they said...


Andy, London

"My most treasured piece of vinyl is A Conversation with Elvis Costello, a double album promotional copy of his (then) new album Imperial Bedroom. It's spread over two discs with Elvis talking about, and introducing the tracks from the album. Elvis has also signed the album, although it's rarer to own a copy that isn't signed as of all the copies made Elvis signed more than half of them. It also helps that Imperial Bedroom is my favourite album of all time anyway."


Paul, @HmvMiltonKeynes

"Iron Maiden: Live After Death. I found it at a car boot sale for £4 (half my babysitting money) and remember being in awe of the artwork and live photos inside. I played it once, framed it and put it on my bedroom wall. It get's played a lot more now and still sounds great."


Andy, @hmvbirmingham

"My first record was 'Do The Bartman' by The Simpsons. I've been a massive Simpsons fan for as long as I can remember, and when I was younger I used to collect any merchandise I could find. I saw a shaped picture disc of 'Do The Bartman' and brought it on the spot. I still have it!"


Sheila Hollis, @hmvSunderland

"Grease Soundtrack - How cool john travolta and olivia newton john were and what a phenomenon grease was and kind of still is - pretty iconic."


Jo, @hmvbirmingham

"A-ha: 'Take On Me' I fell instantly in love with Morton Harket, the lead singer, after seeing him on ‘The Chart Show’ on a Saturday Morning. I begged my older brother to take me to the Woolworths in Kingswinford so I could buy it, under great reluctance he took me. (I had to walk at least 10 metres behind him so none of his friends saw us together - I was 8 years old and I had a rather horrendous bowl cut at the time). I got to the counter and asked for the "Take on Me song". I was handed my purchase, and it came with A HUGE POSTER OF MORTON HARKET. I took the record home (practically ran home), I placed it on my hand-me-down record player. There it stayed for 6 weeks. The poster stayed up for years until it fell apart and I had to replace it with a poster of Christian Slater."


Jay, @hmvgateshead

"Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome To The Pleasuredome. Coming from a small town where you bought records from Boots the Chemist, walking into a megastore in Newcastle was a real eye opener. First thing i heard was 'Two Tribes' and that was it. I was only 12 at the time so I didn't get any of the sexual references but the bass line on 'Relax' was and still is like a punch in the chest."


Ami, @hmvCheltenham

"I have a limited edition version of Battle Metal by Turisas - there are only 300 worldwide so it's pretty awesome to own one of them!"


Alex, @hmvCheltenham

"A limited edition Big Business 7" that I bought at one of their gigs, a souvenir of an excellent night out!"


Alice, @hmv363OxStreet

"The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper. This album I inherited from my mum. It's the original album with the original cardboard cut out pieces in it. The album was and always will be a classic, it's an album I can never get tired of listening to. Plus it has two of the best Beatles songs on there - 'A Day In The Life' and 'Within You, Without You'. Wonderful."


Simon, @hmv363OxStreet

"Dr Feelgood: Malpractice. Bought shortly after seeing the band in 1975 (my first gig). "Dirty rhythm and blues" as it was described in the music press, this was the band's second album featuring the living legend Wilko Johnson on guitar. Recorded in mono giving a stark edginess which was massively influencial on the onslaught of punk that followed soon after. Shifty black and white photo of the band serving as the front cover, each member looking like a dodgy extra from The Sweeney. Brilliant."


Mitch, @westfield_hmv

"Floor: Below & Beyond 8XLP / 7" / 8XCD box set. My girlfriend bought this for me during the early days of our relationship and its still as much of a shock to me now as it was then that she was able to pick it up. My all time favourite band, Floor. Sludge-pop greatness."


Charlotte, @hmvbirmingham

"The Smiths: The Queen Is Dead. My mom loves The Smiths. I always remember her dancing and singing along when she would cook the dinner. One day, we saw The Queen Is Dead on sale for £4 in the charity shop. I had £5 pocket money. I still have the same copy in my current collection. This was the first record I bought with my own money. I will always treasure this for the memories I have."


Tim, London

"My original US copy of Gene Clark's 1974 masterpiece No Other is my most treasured LP. Unlike the UK edition it has a printed innersleeve and a poster featuring Gene in ridiculous clothes and make-up. Most importantly it's the best sounding version of this album that I've heard. It was a commercial failure and was deleted by Asylum Records within a couple of years, although it's now widely considered to be a classic. The release was a disaster for the label as it reportedly cost over $100,000 to record, but I think it was worth every penny."


Ollie, @hmv363OxStreet

"Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Original Soundtrack on vinyl. As a massive nerd and vinyl collector, this one literally ticks both boxes for me, you just can't beat hearing John Williams' classic score on vinyl."



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