February 28, 2014

hmv reviews: Eliza And The Bear/Luke Sital-Singh @ London's St Stephen's Church
by Tom
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hmv reviews: Eliza And The Bear/Luke Sital-Singh @ London's St Stephen's Church

On Wednesday night (February 26), two of the UK's most promising new acts Eliza And The Bear and Luke Sital-Singh, took to the stage in London and we were there to review things…



Eliza And The Bear and Luke Sital-Singh, two of hmv's tips for 2014, touring together as part of the Communion 'New Faces' tour.



St Stephen's Church, a big building built in the name of Jesus Christ over in West London, it suits ethereal indie folk types rather well.


Was it full? And how were the crowd?

Sold out, standing room only, not a spare pew in the house. As it should be.


So what was the set like? What did they play?

Eliza and The Bear's half an hour set was absolutely superb, they ran through recent singles 'It Gets Cold' and 'Friends' alongside a handful of as yet unreleased tracks, the church's cavernous surroundings made their soaring melodies sound even huger.

Luke Sital-Singh's set was quieter and more considered, but just as powerful. Singh's vocals are seemingly quite delicate, but he can really power a song when he wants to, giving the likes of 'Fail For You' and 'I Have Been A Fire' a real Springsteenian grit and gusto. His quieter moments like 'Luna' and 'Nothing Stays The Same' are just as compelling, like a worldlier Bon Iver.


Any good between song banter?

Eliza And The Bear singer James Kellegher didn't say too much, aside from the usual niceties, but Luke Sital-Singh was a bit more talkative and joked with the crowd throughout his set.


Did they much on much of a show?

It’s a church; it's not designed for gigs, let alone a stage show!


What were the highlights of the sets?

For Eliza And The Bear it was a colossal sounding version of 'It Gets Cold', while Luke Sital-Singh had everyone spellbound during 'Luna'.


Where can I catch them next?

This tour carries on until March 7th, we strongly recommend you catch one of the shows. Here are all the details for you.


So who came out on top?

It was a very close run thing, but we've got to go with Eliza And The Bear, their rollicking, power pop sounded enormous in the church, we can't to hear more from them.


You can check out Eliza And The Bear's singles here and Luke Sital Singh's singles here in our download store.

Eliza and the Bear - "It Gets Cold"

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