March 27, 2014

hmv reviews… Katy B @ London's KOKO
by Tom
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hmv reviews… Katy B @ London's KOKO

Just over six weeks after her second album Little Red took the Number One spot for the very first time, Katy B kicked off her tour in support of the record in front of a sold-out crowd at London's KOKO and we were there to review things.



Kathleen Brien, ir Katy B as she's really know these days. The tiny redheaded singer who took dupstep-laced pop to the mainstream.



London's KOKO, a grand looking venue, where it's surprisingly difficult to get a good view…


Was it full? And how were the crowd?

Sold out and rammed full. Every level of Koko was packed, with people standing on seats and even stationing themselves on the stairs to get a better view. The crowd were in fine form and adored Katy's every word.


So what was the set like? What did she play?

She kicked things off with 'Hot Like Fire' and let the tracks from 'Little Red' do most of the talking, with the likes of 'Sapphire Blue', 'Still' and 'All My Lovin' all aired. She kept to a few select highlights from her debut 'On A Mission', with 'Easy Please Me', 'Katy On A Mission' and 'Broken Record' among the ones picked out.

She also paid tribute to her roots by sprinkling in covers of some classic 90s garage hits, including Baby D's 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' with 'Broken Record', MJ Cole's 'Sincere' and a full-length cover of Fish Go Deep's 'The Cure And The Cause'.


Any bum notes?

Not really, if there's one criticism it's the same one that applies to her new album, too many ballads, not enough bangers, and it's fair to say that while she delivered flawless renditions of 'Crying For No Reason' and 'Tumbling Down', reaction from the crowd was a little more muted. Minor detail though.


Did she put on much of a show?

Nice big backdrop, and, for the set's more up-tempo moments, she was joined by four backing dancers, who put on quite the show.


What was the highlight of the set?

Opener 'Hot Like Fire' was superb, as was 'Aaliyah' and the closing 'Lights On', which saw her joined by Ms Dynamite, but the undoubted highlight was 'Perfect Stranger' which got the whole place moving.


Where can I catch them next?

She plays three more shows on this small UK, Oxford tonight (March 27th) then Manchester and Birmingham. She'll be back out for a full UK tour in October, which is onsale now.


Katy B's new album Little Red is out now and can be previewed by clicking on the icon on the right hand side of the page. You can read our interview with her about the album here.

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