January 14, 2014

hmv reviews…Neck Deep @ London's Camden Barfly
by Tom
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hmv reviews…Neck Deep @ London's Camden Barfly

Here in the UK, we're not great at pop punk, we never have been. We've tried very hard over the years to recreate that glorious sugar rush that you get when you hear vintage Green Day or Blink-182 at their best, but we usually fall flat. That feels like it's changing a bit, there's a crop of exciting pop punk bands springing up, including the likes of Home Advantage, Gnarwolves and The Hype Theory. But, most importantly, there's Neck Deep.

The Welsh band have just put our their debut record, which sounds like the best of New Found Glory drizzled with the grit and realism of growing up in a rain-soaked, run-down town, complete with 12 huge choruses. We caught them live as they headlined London's Barfly last night (January 13).



Neck Deep. You might not know much about them yet, but you will.



Camden Barfly, tiny little sweatbox.


Was it full? And how were the crowd?

It was packed to the rafters, the atmosphere felt pretty triumphant, but then that will happen when you've just put your debut album out and sold out your first ever headline London show. From the second the first notes rang out, people were stage diving and that didn't let up…


So what was the set like? What did they play?

50 minutes. No encore. All meat, no fat, it was excellent. Naturally, as they've only got one album and one EP to work from, they played almost every song they've ever written, including recent single 'Crushing Grief' and 'Damsel In Distress', both of which drew huge sing-a-longs from the crowd. Early tracks 'All Hype No Heart' and 'What Did You Expect' also sent the crowd particularly demented.

Any good between song banter?

The band were a bit full of gratitude after seeing their album come out for there to be much banter. We'll let them off in the circumstances…


Did they put on much of a show? Any fireworks?

It's the Barfly, so there's not really much you can do, spectacle wise. They more than made up for it with their high energy performance though.


What was the set highlight?

Without a doubt 'Part Of Me’. On record the track is a duet between the band and singer Laura Whiteside, but she wasn't there last night. Instead, the band relied on the crowd to cover her vocals, it worked like a dream and it made for a real ‘hair standing up on the back of your neck’ type moment. Totally electric.


Where can I catch them next?

The band are on tour across the UK until the end of January and then they go out as support to We Are The In Crowd. There'll be more headline dates later in the year, you can be sure of that…


Would you recommend it?

Certainly. There hasn't been a better pop punk to come out of the UK in the last decade than Neck Deep, catch them while you can still see the whites of their eyes.


Neck Deep's debut album Wishful Thinking is out now. You can check out the record in our download store and read a full interview with the band here.

Neck Deep - 'Crushing Grief'

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