January 16, 2014

hmv's Albums of 2014: Adele
by James
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hmv's Albums of 2014: Adele

A little background…

An artist who surely needs no introduction, Adele is almost as good at breaking records as she is at making them: first artist to sell over 3 million copies of an album in the UK, first artist to have three consecutive Billboard Hot 100 number ones, first artist to have 3 singles in the top 10 simultaneously…we could go on.

Her unstoppable juggernaut of a sophomore album, 21, spent 28 weeks at the number one spot in the UK Album Chart after its release in 2011, and was still in the top 40 in December 2012. As far back as August 2011, the singer was reportedly working on the follow-up, telling Q Magazine that she had written seven songs for the new album, and initially it seemed there may be another album along quite quickly. Unfortunately the singer was then stricken with an illness that affected her voice, delaying any new recording. Further delays occurred after the singer took a break to have a child, but finally in April last year reports began to surface that Adele was back in the studio.

Despite her labels attempts to keep the project under wraps, rumours continued to circulate and eventually her publicist Paul Moss confirmed via Twitter on January 3rd that Adele’s album would indeed be released this year.


What’s it called?

More rumours abound on the upcoming record’s title, the most credible of which seems to suggest that the album will either be called 23 or 24, depending on her age when the album is released. That seems likely as it would continue the naming convention from her previous two records, with further credence being added to the theory coming from the fact that the suggestion initially came from Roger Friedman, who first broke the news of the singer’s involvement with the theme song for Bond film Skyfall.

21 Adele

What will it sound like?

Adele has confirmed that there is a country and bluegrass influence on the album, with some tracks rumoured to have been recorded in Nashville. Other reports are more confusing, with some suggesting a return to her modern jazz roots, while others claim she is working with producers such as James Ford and Kid Harpoon to give the new record a more edgy, contemporary sound.


Who’s producing it? Are there any big-name guests?

Aside form the two producers already mentioned, Paul Epworth is expected to be involved, but everything else is just rumour at this stage, with names such as Rick Rubin and William Orbit being mentioned. In terms of guests, reports surfaced this week that the singer is working with Madonna on some tracks for the latter’s album, which could involve the material girl contributing a song or two.


Will it really come out this year? And when?

It looks that way, given that her publicist has confirmed it, but no release date has been confirmed as yet. Nobody will be looking forward to the new album more than George Osborne, who will be hoping for another juggernaut to give the UK economy a much-needed shot in the arm.

Adele - Rolling in the Deep

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