January 17, 2014

hmv's Albums of 2014: Coldplay
by James
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hmv's Albums of 2014: Coldplay

Every day throughout January we're going to be previewing 2014's biggest records, today it's another huge one, Coldplay...


A little background…

Following their fifth studio album, 2011’s Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay engaged in some heavy-duty touring, and by the end of 2012 the band were clearly ready to take a break, reportedly hinting at a Brisbane show in November that year that it could be up to three years before they started recording again.

Last year however, Chris Martin gave an interview to the Daily Star, in which he clarified his comments: “This three-year break idea only came about because I said at a gig in Australia that we might not be back there for three years. That's probably true, but that's just how a world tour works. No chance are we taking a three-year break.''

He also revealed that the band had already begun work on the next album: ''I've been writing songs and I'm so fired up about the band's future." So it looks as though album no.6 could be arriving sooner than expected.


What’s it called?

They’re not saying, but they do seem to have a title in mind – in the same Daily Star interview Martin said the new album would be “much easier to pronounce”. He wouldn’t reveal the title however, and was reportedly dissuaded from dropping any further hints by the band’s guitarist Jonny Buckland.


What will it sound like?

You might think this would be fairly easy to predict, but over the last year in interviews with, amongst others, Jo Whiley, the band had suggested they were considering a new direction, saying that they may have taken stadium rock as far as it could go. As far back as February last year, Buckland said he and drummer Will Champion had been ‘noodling around’ in the studio, but didn’t seem to impressed with the results of their experimentation: “[It's] garbage, abstract, avant-garde nonsense. So you shall never hear of it…”

Make of that what you will…


Who’s producing it?

Nothing confirmed as yet. Previously the band have worked with Ken Nelson, who worked on the first three albums, but more recently they had been in the studio with Rik Simpson and Brian Eno, who are likely contenders to be involved.


Will it really come out this year? And when?

If the rumours are anything to go by, it seems likely that the new album could be released by the end of Spring this year, but at the time of writing no release date has yet been confirmed.

Mylo Xyloto
Mylo Xyloto Coldplay
Coldplay - Charlie Brown

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