January 1, 2014

hmv's Albums of 2014: Metallica
by Shayne
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hmv's Albums of 2014: Metallica

Every day throughout January we're going to be previewing 2014's biggest records. We begin today with one of the biggest bands on the planet, Metallica…


A Little Background...

The first half of Metallica's career saw the band grow from strength to strength with thrash metal masterpieces like Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets, the solid ...And Justice for All and culminated in the extremely popular heavy metal classic Metallica (a.k.a. The Black Album) with which they pretty much conquered the world.

Since then, the second half has been a more haphazard affair with a string of more mediocre releases by the band's lofty standards. There was the bluesier sound of Load and Reload which unsettled many devotees, St. Anger gave us an unforgettably nasty snare drum clang with nary a solo in sight and then there was a return to a thrash sound with Death Magnetic.

In addition to the nine studio albums there was also Lulu, an art rock collaboration with Lou Reed, which managed to divide opinions even more than ever before.

Most fans, critics and the band themselves, judging by their live set lists in recent years, seem to favour songs from Metallica's first five albums much of which leaned towards a thrash sound, so, a thrash tenth album could potentially be one of the finest from one of metal's most enduring acts.


What's It Called?

So far there has been no mention of the title, but we're expecting an awesome one – after all – all of Metallica's albums have had rock solid names so far.


Ride The Lightning
Ride The Lightning Metallica
Photo by Anton Corbijn
Photo by Anton Corbijn

What Will It Sound Like?

Metallica have never been afraid to take risks, even at times alienating masses of fans, as their sound changes from one release to the next, however, word is that it will sound similar to 2008's Death Magnetic.

Loyal fans are no doubt looking forward to whatever Metallica have up their sleeve, but the world could definitely do with a killer new Metallica album with some thunderously huge tracks full of monstrous riffs, soaring solos and some serious attitude.


Who's Producing It? Are There Any Big-Name Guests?

Following on from his work on Death Magnetic, Rick Rubin will likely be handling the production again, but nothing's been confirmed yet. No guests have been mentioned so far, but history suggests that the band aren't overly fond of collaborations.


Will It Really Come Out This Year? And When?

Metallica have started sifting through hundreds of riffs and intend to spend much of 2014 recording. They plan to perform a track from the forthcoming album this summer on their tour, which includes a slot at the UK's Sonisphere Festival.

There's no confirmed album release date yet apart from some talk of a possible 2015 release, however, a year is a long time and hopefully, once the recording process begins, the band will hit their stride. Let's hope so, a mighty new Metallica album before the end of the year could be just what every heavy metal fan really wants for Christmas.



Metallica - All Nightmare Long

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