January 5, 2014

hmv's Albums of 2014: Metronomy
by Imogen
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hmv's Albums of 2014: Metronomy

Every day throughout January we're going to be previewing 2014's biggest records. Today it's the turn of Metronomy and their much-anticipated follow-up to The English Riviera...


A Little Background…

Following the success of their 2011 record The English Riviera, Metronomy return in 2014 with their fourth studio album. The band have piqued excitement by revealing to fans that the album's first single 'I'm Aquarius' should be listened to whilst glancing up at stars in the heavens, after downloading The Night Sky app. All those intrigued by this should poise their phones toward the sky in search of the Aquarius constellation. You can hear the track at the bottom of the page. 

Underneath the cheerful sheen of their star-crossed gimmicks, Metronomy are preparing to release their new offering on 10th March. Their previous record, The English Riviera, was critically lauded, earning the band a nomination for the Mercury Prize in 2011 and spot number two on NME’s Top 50 Albums of that year.

With a single already sailing the airwaves, Metronomy will be expected to deliver indie-dance melodies in spades, in order for this next studio album to be as fun and frolicking as The English Riviera or as synth-heavy as 2008’s infamous Nights Out.

What’s It Called?

The brand new album will be titled Love Letters, which sounds a tad more gushing than their previous few. This bold name could be partially due to the confidence exuding frontman Joe Mount, who has mentioned fears of embracing the differences between having an ego, and confidence in knowing your product is good enough.

What Will It Sound Like?

'I’m Aquarius' is firmly set in the traditional Metronomy electronic typecast, with a dominant rhythm, which loops continuously toward the coda, almost warping and experimenting with the sound. The band seem to have aimed to replicate old-fashioned production methods, rather than err on the side of retro, which is something rather dazzling and different.

The single displays tie-dye artwork hippies would certainly be proud of, which could be something to expect for the album imaging in general; whilst Joe Mount divulged to NME that he was “inspired by The Zombies, Sly and The Family Stone and the birth of his first child”. Therefore, this upcoming new helping could be a combination of many encouraging, yet unconventional factors.

The English Riviera
The English Riviera Metronomy

Who’s Producing It? Are There Any Big-Name Guests?

Metronomy are a band of alternative, indie substance, and therefore do not tend to ask any guests to join them. However, the album was recorded rather interestingly at London’s analogue Toe Rag studios (where The White Stripes recorded their defining record Elephant), allowing Joe Mount and his band members to use tapes by method of recording, as opposed to computers. This technique called for nitpicking inspection of each composition, creating great detail in the finest of areas, and something totally exceptional in an arena of modern practice. Two small shows follow the album release, one at The Old Market in Brighton, the other in Paris Maroquinerie.

Will It Really Come Out This Year? And When?

Metronomy have knuckled down lately and are now ready for their new album to soar as of 10th March, giving us something sweet for spring.

Metronomy - I'm Aquarius

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