January 15, 2014

hmv's Albums of 2014: The Horrors
by Tom
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hmv's Albums of 2014: The Horrors

Every day throughout January we're going to be previewing 2014's biggest records, today it's the turn of The Horrors...


A little background…

The Horrors exploded into life in 2005, and, after a typhoon of hype, were quickly written off not long after their underwhelming debut Strange House emerged. Then, in 2009, the band unveiled Primary Colours, their second album. It dispensed with the band's attempts at frenzied pop punk and instead focus on lush, psychedelic tones and krautrock. It took everyone by surprise, won a slew of awards and completely re-established the band's profile.

They followed this up with 2011's Skying, which sat in a similar vein to Primary Colours with its broad soundscapes and lilting electronics, it too did very well, pushing the band up festival bills and into much bigger venues. They wrapped touring for the album at the end of 2012 and promised that a new record would emerge at the tail end of 2013, but, so far, nothing…

The band subsequently confirmed that the record has been pushed back by six months and will now emerge in spring 2014. So what kind of record can we expect from them?


What It's Called?

There's no official word on that yet, but it'll be something suitably psychedelic…


What Will It Sound Like?

Guitarist Josh Hayward has promised that the record has "bigger arms" than their previous efforts, presumably meaning it's a little more muscular sounding. The band have been playing two new songs on tour, one is titled 'Elixir Spring' and follows in the psychedelic stomp of much of their material. The other, titled 'First Day Of Spring' is a little dancier in its make-up. So, in short, it's likely to be a continuation of the patterns they laid down on their last two full-length albums. No dubstep in sight…


Who's Producing It?

The band self-produced Skying and are doing the same again this time. They've also confirmed that Craig Silvey will be mixing the album once again.


Will It Really Come Out This Year? And When?

We'd say it's 90% certain, they had a finished version of the album ready to go and then changed their mind, so they're clearly quite far along. Expect the album before spring is out.

The Horrors - Elixir Spring (Unknown Festival 2013)

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