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hmv's Albums Of The Year 2017 - Jane Weaver
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hmv's Albums Of The Year 2017 - Jane Weaver

2017 is almost at an end, but what a year it's been for music! There have been so many great records across the year, and, to celebrate, hmv have rounded up 50 of the best of them for our guide to the best albums of 2017. It's available to pick-up in store now and, to coincide, we're going to be running interviews with some of the artists who've made the cut. 

Today it's songstress Jane Weaver and her album Modern Kosmology...

Congratulations! You’re one of hmv’s albums of the year, how does it feel?

"Well, it's very nice and thank you!"


How do you look back on the making of Modern Kosmology? Was it a difficult album to make?

"Yes, it took a while to get into shape, I'm not really the type who likes to go into the studio for two weeks straight and then its done, I really enjoy the recording process, but I like to take my time with it so I'm my own worst enemy really!"


What was the first song that came together for the album?

"I tracked quite a lot of songs from home demo's, one of the first of these was 'Modern Kosmology' I wrote that because my husband and I saw an old Philicorda in a local house clearance shop, as soon as we got it home I wrote the organ part on it and looped it, then recorded the bass and drums with the band so it was quite straightforward, although I never find writing lyrics easy as such."


What’s your favourite memory of making the album?

"Recording with Malcolm Mooney for the narration on Ravenspoint was pretty good! a group of us including Malcolm and his wife had dinner and drinks at my friends house, and then we went on to record for a few hours, it was funny too… Malcolm has a good sense of humour."


If you had to choose a favourite song from the album, could you?

"I guess 'H>A>K', as soon as I recorded the mini moog for it, I knew it set the tone and had to be the first track on the album, also its the initials of Hilma Af Klint who was my muse for a lot of the record. I was imagining being an observer of a seance!"


Finally, apart from your own LP, what’s been your favourite album of 2017?

"Gawd, I've got such a backlog of records to listen to, including The Horrors new album which I'm looking forward to, I'm saving this and others for our tour van long journeys coming up, I've probably listened to more folk stuff this year, its been refreshing as I mainly listen to heavy and electronic stuff."

"I really like the Fleet Foxes album, I never was drawn to them before but this album sort of hit me, it seems quite an epic emotional record, maybe thats why, makes you feel quite sad in places? Other than this I think This is the Kit is great and Richard Dawson!"


Jane Weaver's Modern Kosmology is out now and available here in hmv's online store. 

Modern Kosmology
Modern Kosmology Jane Weaver

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