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hmv's Albums Of The Year 2017 - The Menzingers
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hmv's Albums Of The Year 2017 - The Menzingers

2017 is almost at an end, but what a year it's been for music! There have been so many great records across the year, and, to celebrate, hmv have rounded up 50 of the best of them for our guide to the best albums of 2017. It's available to pick-up in store now and, to coincide, we're going to be running interviews with some of the artists who've made the cut. 

Today it's the turn of evergreen punks The Menzingers, we spoke to frontman Greg Barnett about making their barnstorming LP After The Party...


Congratulations! You’re one of hmv’s albums of the year, how does it feel?

"It feels great! Thanks so much for the love and support, it means a lot."


How do you look back on the making of After The Party? Was it a difficult album to make?

"After the Party was a blast to write and record. I’d go out on a limb and say it was our most fun creation to date. We locked into a tight groove and every day the highs got higher. There’s quite the feeling of accomplishment when you write the chorus of 'Lookers' during breakfast, hash out the song structure during the afternoon, and pen the verses all before going to bed. That seemed to be a constant pattern with these songs, which made for a lot of celebrating."


What was the first song that came together for the album?

"The very first song idea I had for the album was 'Bad Catholics', which was laid out vocally and melodically, but took us a bit to find the right arrangement for. I think 'Midwestern States' was one of the first songs we actually locked in and completed. I had those verses written for what seemed like forever and was basically giving up on them. Eric was a big proponent of salvaging them and thankfully that chorus just stumbled out of me late one night. I think it's my favorite set of lyrics on the album."


What’s your favourite memory of making the album?

"There’s too many to narrow down. Recording with Will Yip and having our vision come to life with his help was for sure the highlight though."


If you had to choose a favourite song from the album, could you?

"You know it's always changing for me and I think that’s a sign of a great album. I love the opening chord smash of 'Tellin Lies' and how the song progresses to its grand outro, I love the vocal blast when 'House on Fire' kicks in, and I love the way 'Lookers' into 'Midwestern States' makes me feel. I especially love how transported in time I am to writing 'Your Wild Years' when I listen back to that song. 'Livin Aint Easy' might be the most personal one for me, and it’s an incredible feeling seeing people fall in love with it, especially when they get that line tattooed!"


Finally, apart from your own LP, what’s been your favourite album of 2017?

"There’s been a ton of great records from 2017. Jason Isbell's Nashville Sound might just take the top slot for me."


The Menzingers' After The Party is available here in hmv's online store. 

After The Party
After The Party The Menzingers

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