December 17, 2013

hmv's Albums Of The Year... #4 Queens Of The Stone Age – …Like Clockwork
by Tom
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hmv's Albums Of The Year... #4 Queens Of The Stone Age – …Like Clockwork

Over the last month, we've asked all our staff members to vote for their favourite albums of 2013 and they've responded in droves. Over 500 albums received votes, but, after every vote has been counted, we have our final tally. Today we reveal who's taken the #4 slot and it's Queens Of The Stone Age with …Like Clockwork.

It sounds stupid to say that a band with the stature, heft and reputation of Queens Of The Stone Age could produce a sleeper hit, but, in the case of their new album …Like Clockwork, that's pretty much exactly what's happened.

The album, released back in June, was a slower record than many expected, built around the same sludgy, but groovy as hell riffs that Josh Homme & Co. have made their own over the years. It sat with people, demanding repeated listens as the months went on and slowly but surely wormed its way into people's affections.

This is the most complete Queens Of The Stone Age album since 2003's Songs For The Deaf. It's not as bombastic as their early work, but more nuanced and, dare we say, a touch more mature.

The likes of 'If I Had A Tail’, which features guest vocals from Arctic Monkeys' mainman Alex Turner as well Queens regulars Mark Lanegan and Nick Olivieri, is a moody classic.

Dave Grohl is back drumming with the band once more, giving this album the kind of power and presence that only he can, while bassist Michael Shuman and guitarist and keyboardist Dean Fertita, who were making their recording bows with the band, add purpose and weight to many of the tracks.

Lyrically, frontman Homme is on majestic form, confronting his recent life-threatening operation head on in a series of tracks, including the brutally brilliant 'I Appear Missing'.

A real return to form, this is Queens' most vital-sounding album yet.

Best Track: 'I Appear Missing'

You can download the record now from our download store.

Come back tomorrow to find out what #3 is in hmv's Albums Of The Year…

...Like Clockwork
...Like Clockwork Queens Of The Stone Age

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