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hmv's Albums Of The Year - Amon Amarth
by Tom
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hmv's Albums Of The Year - Amon Amarth

We've reached the final throes of 2019, an appropriate time to look back at the many excellent LPs that have been released this year. 

To celebrate the year and the albums it has produced, hmv have rounded up 50 of the best of them for our guide to the best albums of 2019. It's available to pick-up in store now and, to coincide, we're going to be running interviews with some of the artists who've made the cut.

We continue today with viking metallers Amon Amarth and their record Berserker...


Congratulations, you’re in hmv’s albums of the year, how does it feel?

Ted Lundström (bass): "It feels pretty great. We were writing music that we wanted to hear and play, so we love that people like it too."


How do you look back on the making of Berserker?

Johan Hegg (Vocals): "Right now you have Amon Amarth 2.0. We're always going to continue to develop and try to outdo ourselves with every release, so we're calling this 2.0."

Olavi Mikkonen (Guitars): "I haven't been this excited since Twilight of the Thunder God, and Twilight is my favourite album until now."


Was it a difficult record to make?

Johan Hegg: "For me personally, it was great because I got to sing every second or third day, so I got a lot of rest in between the takes. Otherwise, there is a lot of pressure recording all the vocals at once. You usually have about a week to get ten songs down vocally, performing every day. It becomes very straining because you are singing for six to eight hours a day."


This was your first album with Jocke in the band, what did he bring to the process?

Ted Lundström: "Jocke is a drummer that is very spot on all the time, so it makes us have to play tight as well. He tries to make our lives easier, but really we have to practice more to stay tight too. He has that young blood inside of him, so he becomes a machine."


What are your plans for 2020?

All: "Coming to a city near you. We have plans to keep playing shows in more places on our Berserker World Tour."


How has 2019 been for you? Has it been a good year?

All: "It has been a good year! Berserker came out this year, we toured with one of our favourite bands, Slayer, did European Festivals, and then we started playing our biggest shows as the headliner. We got to bring a lot of our production to North America for the first time, and we brought some new tricks to Europe and the UK."


Aside from your own LP, what has been your favourite album of 2019?

Johan Hegg: "There are a lot of great new bands, but I don't seem to keep up too much. There are some great bands that I feel should have a lot more attention, more than they get, like Grand Magus for instance. What can I say, I love a power trio! Primordial from Ireland, those guys are great fucking band!"

"Even if I don't like the music style of some of the new bands, you can hear that there are some really talented people writing it. You're not going to like everything. I'm an old school man, I like my old school stuff."


Favourite film?

All: "The Pursuit of Vikings; 25 years in the Eye of the Storm."


Favourite TV series?

All: "We were all watching Game of Thrones."


Finally, what’s been your moment of 2019?

All: "This moment right now, being named one of hmv's Album of the Year."

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