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hmv's Albums Of The Year - Lucy Rose
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hmv's Albums Of The Year - Lucy Rose

We've reached the final throes of 2019, an appropriate time to look back at the many excellent LPs that have been released this year. 

To celebrate the year and the albums it has produced, hmv have rounded up 50 of the best of them for our guide to the best albums of 2019. It's available to pick-up in store now and, to coincide, we're going to be running interviews with some of the artists who've made the cut.

We continue today with Lucy Rose, who looks back at the difficult making of the tender No Words Left...


Congratulations, you’re in hmv’s albums of the year, how does it feel?

"Very surreal, but quite amazing."


How do you look back on the making of No Words Left? I know it was quite a difficult record to make...

"Yes. It's strange looking back at the time when I made the album, almost like an out of body experience. It was a really tough time but I am glad it's been documented in my music. I feel like it now represents strength instead of weakness."


What are your plans for 2020?

"I have various plans for next year, the first is to try not to have too many plans, but, of course, I'm thinking about my music and writing and imagining the next world I can create musically. But I'm also managing a band called Chartreuse who I really believe in. It's been a hugely rewarding and inspiring experience working with them, they are the most incredible musicians, so more of that next year..."


How has 2019 been for you? Has it been a good year?

"It's been a fairly complex year, a year of growth and discovery and also a year in which I've never questioned myself more and understood myself less. But as it draws to a close I feel like it's been an instrumental year in knowing the route to take going forward."


Aside from your own LP, what has been your favourite album of 2019?

"It has to be KIWANUKA by Michael Kiwanuka, it's a timeless masterpiece which I've fallen in love with."


What about your favourite song?

"Blue Child by Alejandro Arras. He's a fan who has become a great friend who I met in Mexico back in 2016 when I was travelling around Latin America. Since then he's found his voice musically and has released the most extraordinary debut EP."


Favourite film?

"I have to admit I'm not sure I've seen any films in 2019, that's terrible I know. If I'm allowed to cheat, the best film I've seen recently is Call Me By Your Name which was such a beautiful and poignant watch."


Favourite TV series?

"Big fan of Last Chance U, I'm sure you'd never expect me to watch a documentary series about US college football teams, but it is brilliant."


Finally, what’s been your moment of 2019?

"I think it's coming up. I'm headlining the Barbican Concert Hall on December 4th and I feel like the last 12 years of playing and making music has been leading up to this point. I'm terrified but excited.

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