hmv's Next Big Thing - January 2, 2018

hmv's Next Big Thing... #155 Tom Misch
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hmv's Next Big Thing... #155 Tom Misch

Every Wednesday we recommend a brand new artist who we think you're going to love. This week we bring you rising soulman Tom Misch...


Who Is He?

22-year-old Tom Misch is an incredible proposition. A soulful multi-instrumentalist who brings together smooth R&B, hip-hop beats and gliding electronica. He's risen from tiny pubs to selling out venues with capacities in the thousands and dropped a series of acclaimed singles and mixtapes, all without the support of a label, major or otherwise. 

His debut album, which is being released by his own label Beyond The Groove, will be a sensation, especially if new single ‘Movie’ is anything to go by.


What Does He Sound Like?

Imagine Frank Ocean, steeped in Marvin Gaye and James Brown, with a dance producer like Four Tet or Aphex Twin at the controls. All in one man. 


Why Should I Be Excited?

He's got a great voice, full of so much richness and character, and a unique set of sonic principles in how he sets up the track. He's invigorating and supremely smooth. 


Can I Hear Something?

Indeed you can, here's his new jam 'Movie' for you. 


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hmv's Next Big Thing

hmv's Next Big Thing

hmv's Next Big Thing

hmv's Next Big Thing

hmv's Next Big Thing