hmv's Next Big Thing - January 21, 2015

hmv's Next Big Thing... #3 Låpsley
by Tom
by Tom hmv London, Bio Editor. Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows.

hmv's Next Big Thing... #3 Låpsley

Every Wednesday we recommend a brand new artist who we think you're going to love. This week's it's the turn of Scouse songstress Lapsley and her stunning voice...

Who Is She?

Holly Lapsley Fletcher. She's 18, she hails from Liverpool and her tracks have been the talk of the internet (least the bits where people talk about new music) for the last year. 


Who Does She Sound Like?

The main calling cards for Lapsley's vocals are classic Kate Bush, Tracey Thorn and Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser, but in production and instrumental terms all the influences are from garage and dubstep, skittery beats, stabs of piano and swirling sampled strings. It's lovely. 


Why should I be excited?

She's got a lush, yet delicate voice, full of yearning and wonder. That's more than most singers. 

When you say ‘Big’? What do you mean?

She signed to XL in October, the label where Adele, Dizzee Rascal and The xx have all come from, they don't tend to make mistakes...


Can I hear something?

Absolutely. You can hear recent single 'Falling Short' below and pick up Understudy, the EP it's taken from, here in our digital store. 


Station Låpsley

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