hmv's Next Big Thing - July 29, 2015

hmv's Next Big Thing... #30 Kate Boy
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hmv's Next Big Thing... #30 Kate Boy

Every Wednesday we recommend a brand new artist who we think you're going to love. This week we're bigging up Swedish electro-pop trio Kate Boy...

Who are they?

Kate Boy formed in Stockholm towards the back end of 2011 when Australian vocalist Kate Akhurst was introduced to musicians Markus Dextegen and Hampus Nordgren Hemlin while on a visit to Sweden from her home in Los Angeles, reportedly creating their first track 'Northern Lights' on the very first night they met. Akhurst was apparently so excited by their instant chemistry she applied for a visa and moved into the Swedish capital so they could continue working on new music, and they've been doing just that ever since.

After spending a couple of years honing their sound and releasing a handful of singles, a self-titled EP emerged earlier this year and the trio have just announced that their debut album, to be entitled ONE, is due to arrive in stores this November.

What do they sound like?

They've cited the likes of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush as influences and you can definitely hear these on some of their recent output, but Kate Boy's sound is probably closer to the electro-pop of fellow Scandinavian acts like Robyn and The Knife, with the latter's Karin Dreijer probably the closest reference point to Akhurst's distinctive vocals.

Kate Boy
Kate Boy Kate Boy

Why should I be excited?

Kate Boy have been steadily building a reputation for themselves over the last couple of years and, wisely, they've taken the time to perfect and expand their style rather than rushing to capitalise on the success of their early singles. For any fans of The Knife still reeling from the duo's decision to call it a day at the end of their 2014 tour, Kate Boy might well be the very thing to fill that void.

Can I hear something?

You certainly can – they've just released the new video for their latest single, 'Midnight Sun', which you can find below. You can also preview and download their eponymous EP on the right hand side of this page.



Kate Boy - 'Midnight Sun'

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hmv's Next Big Thing

hmv's Next Big Thing

hmv's Next Big Thing

hmv's Next Big Thing